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While this week on the USA Network it was WWE week. They held a show live on both Monday and Tuesday. They held their 10th annual Tribute To The Troops on Wednesday. Sunday night? They had a pay-per-view. How does their competition compete with that? With a pre-taped event.

While throughout the summer TNA’s weekly show on the Spike Network was presented to us live. A creative idea to attempt to give us a surprise look at to what was going to happen. From crazy run ins, to awesome five star matches and other weekly surprises.

Yet the ratings didn’t bounce in their favor. Do to whatever reason from other competitive shows, sports and various other possibilities. From what some in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Committee a.k.a. Wrestling Fans) bad story lines that had no reason or even understanding at all. From the infamous Claire Lynch story to Brooke Hogan to the now weakening Aces & Eights stable.

As tonight’s Impact is part of a series of Impacts that have been pre-taped and in which to give the staff a few weeks off for the holidays. It could lead to a even farther downward spiral for TNA. They could have capitalized with a live event tonight to counter the fact that the NFL has moved their Thursday night game to Saturday. But rather we get it pre-taped.

Everything TNA has been doing lately has been slowly building up to something, yet the key term is slowly. While WWE has recently turned things up and brought out some of the big guns. Especially bringing back former WWE guys and one time TNA guys such as Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer.

WWE is coming off one of their biggest pay-per-views of the year as the IWC is alive with excitement from not only Sunday’s TLC event, but from Monday’s Raw. Which saw the return of the aforementioned Flair and Dreamer. It saw the debut Big E. Langston. Also saw the return of Triple H who mentioned that The Undertaker would return.

Yet TNA has been stagnate. While things may change as the past few weeks they’ve been promoting a video with the date 1.3.13. Obviously meaning that January 3rd, the first night they return after their sabbatical something big is happening. While some believe it’s either the return of Sting or Abyss to counter act the masked bikers known as Aces & Eights.

But hey it could be anything, but some viewers or rather more likely non viewers of TNA believe that TNA does everything very obvious and stupid. But hey, I think this year things have been much better. But that’s just my opinion.

With the likes of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian being the evil heel tag team dancing just on the edge of being kayfabe. Along with the likes of Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Bully Ray all being the top heels. Plus the emergence of Joey Ryan and his epic sleaze campaign. The heels are alive in TNA. Especially with Aces & Eights, but where are the good guys?

Maybe that’s whats really missing form TNA are the good guys. Hopefully 1.3.13 brings them back. A battle between good and evil is coming, hopefully, because that’ll bring ratings. Or maybe we’ll just buy them with the help of Devon and his Aces & Eights.