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While my life on Twitter is filled with famous wrestling personalities from times gone by, current stars and up and comers I am currently shocked by the time they put on the road and at their craft. While it be traveling from venue to venue or hitting the gym at all hours of the day. I’m also reminded of the past, some of all-time favorite wrestlers of all-time. While I follow most of them, I’m also reminded by those who are either not on Twitter or have fallen off the face of the wrestling world. One of these guys is Blitzkrieg.

Blitzkrieg came onto the scene just as his name implies. Like a blitzkrieg. I remember back in the glory days of wrestling, turning on WCW Nitro or Thunder and sometimes even it’s counter part WCW Saturday Night and seeing one of the greatest cruiserweights ever. That of course being Blitzkrieg. I can remember my brother and I hoping each and every Nitro or Thunder that Blitzkrieg would perform.

His talents far succeed that of most of the other cruiserweights I mean honestly Hector Garza was terrible! But Blitzkrieg was something else, his twisting, turning, flipping it was all amazing. Yes, he did quite often fumble around or even botch a move or two. But he brought the fans to their feet, brought light into the opening act matches that were known mostly for their high flying, dare devil type who really cares if someone gets hurt as long as they showcase their greatness.

Now while Blitzkrieg only lasted in WCW for about a year he brought us some insane and quite memorable moments. Moments that I still haven’t forgotten. But for those of you who have forgotten or haven’t even had the enjoyment of hearing about this legendary wrestler here is a few YouTube videos.

The Best Of Blitzkrieg


WCW Spring Stampede 1999: Blitzkrieg vs. Juventud Guerrera



Blitzkrieg and La Parka vs Rey Mysterio Jr and Eddie Guerrero



Blitzkrieg & Super Dragon’s WCW Tryout



Blitzkrieg and Kaz Hayashi vs Silver King and Juventud Guerrera