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Somehow over in Twitter land I got myself involved in a little war of words. How did it happen? I’m not exactly sure, but I do know one thing. It got a few people very irate and caused me to chuckle a little bit. I mean honestly, seriously? Come on! Man up already!

So here is how it started… I saw some guys tweet about how he was upset that Hulk Hogan stated in a interview that he would really enjoy being a world champion again. So this person on twitter went crazy saying how Hogan’s a P.O.S. And not I’m not saying he’s in sales. He goes on to say that Hogan has had more surgeries than title runs. Not sure what that means. I mean is that an insult to him or something? Seriously!? That’s like saying because you got hurt and had to get a surgery you are no good…. Or something along those lines, like why don’t you go tell um… anyone who has ever had a surgery they’re no good. Why don’t you go visit your local hospital!

He goes on to continue to bash Hogan and then throws in Eric Bischoff and mentions how it’s all of Hogan and Bischoff’s fault that the WCW closed and was sold off to WWE. He mentions that he’s sorry for TNA and that basically they should just give up and close down like WCW did. He mentions how the fans of TNA should just jump ship and go to WWE.



Now yes, this guy thinks he is the smartest guy in the entire universe! Because that’s just what actually happened! Bischoff and Hogan killed WCW. That with their choices they killed it! Yep, nobody else was at fault. The fact that Ted Turner wanted to get out of the business. The fact that Bischoff couldn’t ultimately purchase WCW and save it. Yes, he could have. But with the fact he’d have to shop around for a network for their shows to be showcased was just too challenging. Because the usage of TNT and TBS wasn’t included with the purchase of WCW. So Bischoff and Hogan killed WCW…

Now jokingly I started poking this guy… Because hey that’s the kind of guy I am.

So I make this comment about how The Undertaker never puts over talent. And this starts the Twitter War! It’s like I did the worse thing in the entire universe! How dare I insult The Undertaker. He is the all mighty, do nothing wrong, perfect person. The guy comes at me like I’m the stupidest person in the entire universe… oh wait, I already used that phrase. But then again come on dude!

After making some comments that all The Undertaker does is bury talent he tells me go and do some homework. So to be a bigger pain in his backside I go and do this. I mention a few guys that he has buried. I mention the fact that he is undefeated at WrestleMania that he has never put anyone over at WrestleMania. I even ask who did he make famous after beating them at WrestleMania. Making some jokes that he made Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and various others. After all these are true facts! The Undertaker has never lost a match at WrestleMania, he has won various Buried Alive matches. Hell, he even has won various coffin matches. A match in which he places someone in a coffin. Talk about killing someones career, by well, killing them.

Yet I’m called stupid! I’m told he made Randy Orton and Mark Henry by beating them.

I jab back that Doink The Clown should have been champion. Surely he could sense my sarcasm somewhere.

As Dean Ambrose would say “Nope”.

He goes on to tweet random people and attempt to get them involved in our personal Twitter War. A war that makes no sense in having. Due to the major fact that everything, every single thing I mentioned is true. I even attempted to make the comment that he never put anyone over. But nope, that just heated the war.

So while he mentioned to random people tagging them and me attempting to get me blocked, suspended or what not. I continued to joke with these newbies who came attacking me because of my seemingly lack of respect for the so-called Dead Man.

He continued to tweet other people with this following line: “Feel free to tweet the jobber. You can find him” Mentioning my twitter handle.

Great I thought! Talk about getting over, I’ll easily become a little famous for this.

And then he tweeted the following:

“So today, someone on Twitter told me The Undertaker never put anyone “over.” I blocked him immediately.”

“That is a blocking offense just getting in the ring with The Undertaker gets you over the tit!”

“Hammer him.”

“good for you, that guy doesn’t know shit”

And then he quoted me.

“He has just tweeted “argue with me and you lose #ItsAFactJack” Some people are beyond teaching wrestling facts! #ItsAFactJack

Sometimes people just can’t tell when it’s sarcasm.

And then one of the other people he brought into our little conversation said the following:

“Seriously? The Undertaker has put, almost every big name over. Just not at Wrestlemania. He put Vladamir Kozlov over on RAW.”

Now for those of you who don’t know who Vladamir Kozlov is… Don’t worry. Many wrestling fans don’t either. He’s about as famous as… Ehh.. I don’t know Super Calo is more popular.

He continued onward insulting me throughout the day. Especially making fun of the fact I have a small amount of followers. And each time he mentioned how few number of followers I had the number grew and grew.

And then later on in the day he tweeted the following. Obviously showing how truthful his statements which started my sarcasm attack really were.

“#ThankYouWWEFor entertaining me the past 25 years. The memories will last forever. Been a fan since the Hogan era & still runnin wild!”

So he’s been a fan of Hogan and still is? Yet he would really be upset if Hogan became a champion again? Yet, he’ll probably go out and buy a Hogan t-shirt. He would drop 20 bucks to go see Hogan. Probably even more to get an autograph. Yet, don’t he dare win the World Title. Although if he did this guy wouldn’t mind dropping his entire pay check to see it happen.

And to put the nail in the coffin he tweeted this…

“I remember back in the early 90’s watching Stone Cold as Stunning Steve Austin in #WCW. I knew he’d be a major star. Obviously, WCW didn’t.”

He’s probably also the same guy who has said stuff like “I knew Obama would win” or “I knew the world wouldn’t end”

Like he’s Nostradamus or something. Yet the only way he is Nostradamus is a few hours after everything happens. The guy wearing the New York Giants jersey last night and after they lost saying “I knew they would lose” And you stop yourself from saying “Hey, weren’t you rooting for them?”

But that’s what you have to deal with on Twitter. The pros and the cons. The main reason its fun. Minus the fact that for some reason after all this barraging attacks sent from him I got suspended for a few seconds. Because obviously I was the one asking other people to come and attack me. All in all this is just funny. Makes me laugh. Thanks for making me chuckle kid. What have I learned? A lot! Never ever mess with The Undertaker for certain! First I get Paul Bearer to hate me and now this. So remember when tagging your next Tweet don’t forget this hashtag #PaulBearerHatesYou or the new one #TheUndertakerWontPutMeOver

Oh… Plus I made this cool picture!

WrestleMania XXV - The Undertaker pins the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels to go 17-0 and Remain Undefeated at WrestleManiaYet while all of this is funny… I guess the guy is really right..