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On my epic return to Twitter after my much enjoyed holiday break. Or shall I say holiday relapse. Either way and however you want to call it, it was enjoyable. From a waking up Christmas morning and seeing snow atop my car from opening up presents all day and enjoy feast fit for a King.

I enjoyed a double take of lasagna from my Uncle and Aunts. And I had some lovable left overs of Chicken Pie that my Grandmother had prepared earlier. Plus don’t forget the night before while the tradition continued with eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve. It’s been a family tradition from as long as I can remember. Well, maybe since I was 8 years old, minus the first few years in which my brother and I had McDonald’s before learning the greatness of Chinese food.

Opening gifts a plenty as well! From gifts cards to cash and surprises from all over! Getting TV Show DVDs to add to my collection and sadly close on one of my all-time favorite shows of all-time that of course being House. Now it’s official the show is over. Yes I am sad. Although there was a point from the end of last season to the beginning of what could be it’s 9th season that I believed that they would return. Due to the main tag line in their show being “Everybody Lies” I really thought Mob Doctor was actually going to be House. But oh well. Sadly it wasn’t. While I haven’t jumped into this new series I will catch up on the final season of House.

Hey did you know House’s House Hugh Laurie has a CD out where he sings jazz and New Orleans type music? If not go find it on YouTube. Or rather here is a selection of one of my favorite songs.

While I didn’t receive just DVDs and gift cards. I also received other cool stuff from my one uncle and aunt giving me a fantastic cheese and peperoni kit complete with a bamboo cutting board to a few nice t-shirts I received. My brother hit me up with some styling t-shirts with some nice quotes on them. One being a nice Santa shirt with oddly a quote from Anchorman.

To the gift that stole Christmas. Not to say any of these other gifts are less enjoyable or to say they weren’t thoughtful at all. But my one Uncle set it up perfectly. And by perfectly I mean it.

You see for my entire life up until a few years ago the family would all venture out to a small town in Allegany county in the west of New York state called Wellsville. The small town which in July holds a balloon rally. And also involved my family reunion. We would gather at my Great Grandmother’s house and enjoy everything from the balloons, catching up with family, enjoying chicken from Sterns and then we’d sneak a few hot dogs from the most fantastic hot dog ever at a place called Texas Hot.


We would hold small eating contests on who had more of the famous hot dog. We’d buy multiple ones at a time. Even one year they held a hot dog eating contest in town and my brother so wanted to be involved but for some reason there was an age limit. So they got some hot dogs, buns and the famous Hot sauce and he chomped down on some Texas Hots. From then on we started having a dinner just with hot dogs. Before my Great Grandmother would spend all day cooking dinner for us. Although we had already ruined our appetite.

While I can remember all of these fantastic memories and the taste of the Texas Hot. I must mention why we haven’t returned for a few years, to an event that my entire life we’ve gone to.

My mother had passed away and then followed by my Great Grandmother. We went the year after they had both passed but it just wasn’t the same. The house seemed so empty and the event just seemed sad rather than joyous.

The years have now passed and it’s been a couple years since we’ve gone. And now with the passing of my Grandfather a few weeks ago the memories of all the great events have been brought back up. Thus leading to the great gift my Uncle and Aunt had given me and my brother.

Yes, they went all the way to Wellsville which is a 3 hour trip to garner the famous Texas Hot sauce. Oh and they picked up a candle from the world famous Northern Light candle factory. According to my aunt they were having one of their crazy candle sales. Which is something they had every year during the balloon rally.

While they threw in some other things like a tasty bottle of wine, a gift card and some chocolate pizza. The fact they would venture all the way out to the town in which started our family or at least from my knowledge it is where the tradition of our family had started. From my Great Great Grandparents old houses and tales of how my extended family lived and how they showed my one Great Great Grandfather actually walked to work which seemed insane and it even beats one of those stories your parents may have told you that they walked to school up hill both ways in multiple feet of snow.

But with all that said. I hope my Uncle and Aunt actually realize how appreciative I am that they would venture all that way just for me oh and my brother.

The odd thing about all that is earlier that day or even the day before, not too sure. My grandmother and I were talking about how cool it would be if I could gain some Texas Hot sauce. And she didn’t even know!

The only thing better would be if they brought part of the Pink House with them.


Oh and how could forget the best gift? From the lady of Hachland she gave me some pillows. Not just any pillows but down pillows. Which reminds me… nap time!