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While the current world is filled with various remakes and seemingly rip offs. Sometimes it’s actually a good thing something is remade. Due to various reasons of course. From a bad story with good actors or the complete opposite reason. From new technology to the story not actually being told correctly. And just throwing this out here the whole drama with the book being better than the movie.

Now I’m not sure if there really is a difference between a remake or a rip off. I guess the only way to tell is if they honor the original and mention it by name. But to me it’s a very thin line. You can’t remake the Wizard Of Oz, you can’t remake Gone With The Wind. Yet, we’ll see one of them soon.

With the help of Twitter and various other sources I’m coming up with some random things that are either remade, ripped off or stuff that should be!

We’re gona start off big with all you wrestling fans and mostly haters. I’m a Prichard Guy. And Prichard is currently the TNA guy. And the number one thing in TNA is the heel group known as Aces & Eights. The number one thing going on on the Discovery Channel, now with the ending of American Chopper is Amish Mafia.

Now I may be going out on a limb but I think Amish Mafia is a rip off of Aces & Eights. Okay, maybe it’s not. But it’s better than saying Aces & Eights is a rip off of Nexus or any other heel group not named Disciples of Apocalypse.

Rip Off? I Don’t See Peg Bundy!

For those of you who are greatly confused as to how a wrestling group and a group of Amish people could be ripping one or the other off. While you may not know either let’s briefly mention who or what they are. Amish Mafia is a TV Show on Discovery Channel that follows supposedly Amish people around that are involved in mafia type things. From bullying people to protecting them to even driving cars!

As for the Aces & Eights. They’re a heel group in TNA which jumps the stars of TNA and drive around on bikes. Some have said they’re a rip off of the FX Networks television show Sons of Anarchy. Hey, maybe they are maybe they’re not. But one thing I know is that Amish people shouldn’t be driving cars!

Check Out Those Zippers!

Now another remake they should make as because this is the them is that Matt Morgan another TNA guy. Recently he started his reemergence to his career as he returned and aided the victory of Joey Ryan. He has since begun feuding all be it verbally feuding with Hulk Hogan. Going as far as taking one of his capes in which he wore earlier in his career.

What Ya Gona Do With My Cape?

What Ya Gonna Do With My Cape?

Going with the theme of Matt Morgan over taking Hulk Hogan and his past. What if Matt Morgan starred in a updated version of one of Hulk Hogan’s movies? Could you see it? I could see Matt Morgan in Mr. Nanny 2 or maybe just straight up remake it!

Image156And what about his former tag team partner and other TNA star Gunner. What if he got to star in a movie? What if he got to bring along his talents in his previous career? You know he was in the army right? What if he starred in the famous Universal Solider series? I think he’d be better than Jean-Claude Van Damme!

After all former WCW and WWE star Goldberg stared in one of the Universal Solider movies. Why couldn’t Gunner!?


Can you think of a remake or rip off that should be done? Or one that should never have been done? Let us know! We might be interested in helping you produce the better version!