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Over the past few months I’ve gotten myself more and more involved with Twitter. You know that social media empire in which you input 144 characters, tag someone and hashtag some people. Yeah, that one.

I’m big over there now. I must admit. I’ve been trying to showcase my greatness on here from there. Or however you put it, but sometimes its just too hard to keep up with my greatness. After all I am how you say great.

But seriously what I’m trying to say is this I have talked with some of the biggest names in Twitter. I’ve gotten comments, retweets and various other cool things. From getting some of the biggest names in Wrestling and now lately I’ve been getting some big names in the food and entertainment business.

The other day I got Best Buy. And by got I mean I got commented back from Best Buy.


Yep! I got Pizza Hut!

Tasty right?


Well, let me explain a little back story to all of this. I have a few Twitter accounts because I have a few different personalities. The main one I use based around this website is @thehachland. I usually do various wrestling related tweets from Monday Night Raw to Impact Wrestling.

Yes, tonight I will be doing a live tweet feed whatever you call it with Twitter and Impact Wrestling. After all it’s the first live event of the year! Yes!

But back to Twitter…

And how I got Pizza Hut. Well, let’s see I have a fake, bogus, parody type account it’s @JimHerd. Not sure who that is? It’s one of the head guys back in WCW from 1988 to 1992. He was a former Pizza Hut guy who took over WCW. He came up with some bad gimmicks like a tag team called the Ding Dongs.

Well, to piss people off I’ve used this account here and there. I’ve gotten people pissed when I told them The Undertaker has never put anyone over. I’ve gotten retweets from El Generico and Paul Heyman just to mention a few.

And that’s just at my @JimHerd account.

Now what happened with Pizza Hut? Well, why don’t you see the screen capture?


Now as for the Best Buy comment. I have the famous Twitter account for Emo Eric over at @TheEmoEric and well, if you are not sure about that guy. He’s very sad. So he makes comments on the sad side. And well, shortly after Christmas a hashtag was trending. So I made a post about it. And well, this is how that went down…..

bestbuySo now we all know what happened to Emo Eric right? Me neither.

But if you ever want to Tweet with me you know the names. And if you want to use those hashtags.. You know those too. So go ahead and follow me, tweet me and become one or something.

Then again, do you know of any other famous places we should tweet with? Or people!?