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One thing is for sure in my life, I never thought a tattoo was cool. I’ve even gone as far as saying that I will get a tattoo once I die and come back to life. Kind of a jab at the old saying “over my dead body” and I usually throw in some reference to the movie The Crow.

But I also know that there is things I do believe in. And one of them is the New World Order or if you will the nWo. It was a great organization that was involved in the days of WCW, you know World Championship Wrestling. It had some of the biggest names in wrestling history from Hulk Hogan to Randy Savage. Heck they even had the man formerly known as Virgil. They had the big names.

Well, they have since gone by like all the other great things. And well, we recently discovered there is a fan still out there…


Of course all those other tattoos and even getting a nWo tattoo is quite lame.. Hell, a little Loser World Order style…

But then again, why not just a herb!