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Eight years ago, I created something along with a few others. It was a short lived wrestling federation that I helped run. In which people a.k.a the wrestlers would roleplay or write promos against their opponents. And we would judge them and the winner of the roleplays would obviously be the winner of the wrestling match.

The federation was called New Frontier Wrestling. It was lead by the famous Mike Live.


While the logo was simple, the website was quite extensive for being a website hosted on Tripod.com And for a fake wrestling organization.

It is something I created because I’m so creative. And well, here it is…


As you can see it featured numerous dull colors of blacks, whites and grays with a splash of green for the weekly show that was called Jolt…

Sadly this website has numerous dead links and well, it was very short lived.

Looking back I’m not sure why it never took off. Could have been something to do with my epic laziness.

But it is quite nice, take a look if you will by clicking here or just going to http://nfwfrontier.tripod.com