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While everyone woke up bright and early today and sat around the television and viewed the events in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. They were all wondering if Punxsutawney Phil would see his shadow or not.


Yet, over in the small town of Ravena, New York they celebrate another tradition. They don’t await the results of Phil seeing his shadow or not. But they get all dressed up in their Sunday best and they view Randy.


Yes. The whole townspeople dress their best and they go to the Town center and await if Ravena Randy will be able to enjoy the day or not. There is no shadow involved in this event, it’s just slightly different.


Yes this is the legendary Ravena Randy. As you see he enjoys wearing his colorful plaid button down shirt. He does his hair all natural. No comb needed! Randy is a graduate of the RCS School District. Yet the year of his birth and even his graduation is unknown. For nobody knows how old Ravena Randy really is. But they all seem to remember having him in their grade school years. From it being grandparents and their grand children.

The main difference between Ravena Randy and Punxsutawney Phil outside of the obvious that one is of human dissent and the other is a groundhog. Yet instead of viewing or not viewing his shadow like the groundhog named Phil, Randy does something else to help the townspeople know if summer is coming quickly. And while this may come as a shock or even a shockingly disgusting thing, but Randy will pick his nose. If he decides to eat what he discovers inside his nose we will have a longer winter. Yet, if he picks his nose and does not place that finger inside his mouth it will be a quicker summer.

Obviously he never, EVER does not puts his finger in his mouth after picking his nose.

A.k.a. The man always eats his boogers!

But this year was unlike other years as we found out that Ravena Randy did the following:

@thehachland   I was wondering if #RavenaRandy saw his shadow yesterday

@RusticBooty69  no but the gerbil in his a$$hole did

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