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So yeah, you ready the title of this post. And obviously this is the day for love, romance and all that disgusting gushy stuff that girls like.

And well, with all that said, we’ll keep this short and sweet and explain that we won’t be around to ramble or as we used to call it babble. Because we’re going to be nice and spend it with our significant others.

I personally will be taking the lovely lady out for a nice dinner at a very expensive restaurant.

Hopefully they have a table for us.

It’s not like everyone goes out to eat or anything like that.

Now with all that said… Here is a picture of the Hart Foundation… They’re wishing all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day…


Do you remember them? I do. You have from left to right :: Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith. All have since passed on, except for Jim and Bret. While Davey Boy’s son and Jim’s daughter have both since made a name for themselves.

Do you remember the tragic way Owen passed away? Where were you on the somber day?