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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day… Today well, isn’t… But on our Facebook page we mentioned a few ways to break up with your significant other. In order to be single and ready to mingle. Because that’s what everyone wants to do!

While we only listed two ways, now we will list a few other ways. Plus relive those numerous others too.

So without further ado here’s the two we had listed on our Facebook page…

Obviously after listening to this song for a few seconds you would get the point. Because will you are just someone that I used to know. And either don’t care about or don’t care to care about anymore..


Oh the classic way!

I just had to cut you out of my life so why not give them a band aid to recover quicker. It’s a nice thing to do obviously.

Now what about some other ways?

A little emo punk type music for you. But it still sends the same message out. My friends over you. That just puts it to the point.

This would also be a fantastic song… Maybe just giving the other person the entire Adele CD and circling this song and leaving a post it note with the words “But Not You” It would also be straight to the point. And it would be a nice thing to give your significant other to recover from the break up.

Another CD you could give that person would be Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. And make some sort of mention that you want to love your significant other like John loved Christine or the other way around depending on your gender. Because well, that’s the album in which the McVie’s John and Christine filed for divorce. A.K.A. Fell out of love.

But if that cute nice way isn’t for you maybe you should take some tips from the Diceman! Yep, Andrew Dice Clay…

Is there a better way to break up than those?