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Over in Russia there’s a place called Chelyabinsk and it was rocked by an intense shock wave. It all happened when a meteor slammed into the Earth’s atmosphere Friday morning. It sent a panic and lead to many people to believe in a apocalyptic scenario that many have walked through mentally. Of course Hollywood has made millions and millions from this. Although the nerds I mean the scientists say has never before injured so many people.


Nearly 1,200 people, almost 200 of them children were injured. All from shards of glass that exploded into schools and workplaces, according to Russia’s Interior Ministry. Others suffered skull trauma and broken bones. Positively rose as no deaths have been reported. A city administrator in Chelyabinsk said that more than a million square feet of glass shattered, leaving many buildings exposed to Russia’s cold weather.

As scientists  along with the police tried to piece together the chain of events that led to Friday’s disaster. Which happened to be the same exact day that  a small asteroid passed close to Earth. The residents of Chelyabinsk were left to wrestle with memories that seemed to belong in the world of fiction, science fiction to be exact.

“I opened the window from surprise — there was such heat coming in, as if it were summer in the yard, and then I watched as the flash flew by and turned into a dot somewhere over the forest,” wrote Darya Frenn, a blogger. “And in several seconds there was an explosion of such force that the window flew in along with its frame, the monitor fell, and everything that was on the desk.”

“God forbid you should ever have to experience anything like this,” she wrote.

While a witness who first found the location of the meteorite crash site noted that a red fabric was found. And when they began to move the fabric they noticed a baby boy was wrapped within it. And that it was surprisingly unharmed.