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On last nights Monday Night Raw, the movie actor formerly known as The Rock came out and showcased the brand new design for the WWE Title.

And this is what the new title looks like…

16_WWETitle_02182013jg_0035It was supposedly designed by the people over at Orange County Choppers…

Yeah, those guys that build bikes and fight…

Well, not really fight but you know loudly argue..

But after the debut of the WWE Title, we saw the Raw debut of Ravena Randy.

Yes, that Ravena Randy!!!

Don’t believe me.. just look at this pictureRAVENARAWAfter he made his way all the way out to the ring, Paul Heyman and CM Punk appeared Via Satellite.

And during their interview which was showcased on the Titan Tron. They debuted their own version of the newest WWE Title..


Of course this is what CM Punk said