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Continuing our story from a few weeks ago about The creepiest music video ever!

It’s the celebrity edition. We will look at a couple of music videos that feature celebrities who think they can sing and they’re music.

First we will show case Zooey Deschanel and her musical group She & Him.

There is actually a bunch of videos and songs from this group. But we will just feature this creepy one.

Notice all the blood? And the head falling off!?

Next up is Kevin Bacon.

His brother Michael and he have a band oddly enough called the Bacon Brothers.

And here is one of their music videos.

A little creepy and makes you wonder who’s legs are those walking over my screen?

Next up is Matt Barnes favorite singer ever!

Yes that’s right Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Here’s her singing and her creepy music video.

I wonder how many takes it took her to go all Poltergeist on the couch?

Do you know of any other creepy music videos? How about other celebrities who think they can sing?

Let’s continue this creepiest music videos ever life style!