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In life we come to remember the past. But sometimes certain aspects of the past slip through the cracks and we completely forget about them.

That’s why I’m writing this here today.

Today I will talk about wrestlers from the past. Surprising I know. But more of whatever happened to them?

We will talk about two wrestlers who first made their big splash in WWF, back  when it was the F and before the infamous Monday Night Wars and all of that.

Two men who went by different names when they were in WWF and then they jumped ship and joined WCW and got a new name and maybe even a new gimmick.

Two men and two completely different end tales.

First we will talk about the man, the myth oh, the man they once called Meng but you may remember him as Haku!

From being a tag team partner with Barbarian in WCW as Faces of Fear. To winning the WWF Tag Team Titles with Andre The Giant as a member of The Colossal Connection.

Now let’s meet Tonga Fifita. The guy behind it all.


A recent picture of the man in his current job. Do you know where he works now? Or what he’s doing? Well he works at a car dealership in Florida.

Don’t believe? Go check out the official website of David Maus Toyota.

For the second person we will have to talk about their wrestling career in WWF and WCW.

He was once a Million Dollar Champion. Formerly known as Virgil, Vincent, Shane, Curly Bill and oh wait I think that was the man names he went by.

He was a member of the New World Order and even the West Texas Rednecks. He was Ted DiBiase’s right hand man for a long time in WWF.

And now?

Well he’s hiding out under ground.

Selling autographs to people riding the New York City Subway system.


Do you know where any of the past is? We’re looking to find everyone!