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Remembering HachNation….

We used to have a lot of websites hosted on GeoCities. Because well, we’re cheap. But then again that’s a nice way of saying we’re too poor to afford a domain name.

And well, the sad fact is that about a few years ago GeoCities shut its doors and deleted most of the stuff. Well, I guess Yahoo did this. But we really don’t know the full story.

What we do know is that a lot of the history of Hachland was on GeoCities and we have sadly lost a lot of it.

But we’re trying to save it.

Thanks to the Hachland Historical Society of course. A group of people who attempt to preserve and remember the greatness that is, was and will always be Hachland.

This time they’re back with the HachNation.

It’s still up somewhat and that URL is.. http://www.geocities.ws/hachnation/


The design was great. It was all sorts of different shades of blue with a brief yellow placed here and there.

Of course it was something I couldn’t live with. Because well, I hate all of my own designs. Because I always find flaws.

Yes, I can see a major flaw in this one now. But we all have to remember that it was from 2005. And well, a lot of HTML coding and Style Sheeting coding has changed and internet browsers have changed since I designed this way back then.

Plus I’m not going to go back and redesign the past.

But if I could I’d change other things.

I remember designing this logo though…


You could almost turn someone into a chicken if they stare at the A’s and D long enough.

It’s sad though that the main stories link is missing. I will still attempt to find it. But With… was going to be a great version of wrestling talk with Matt Barnes. Or if you can read close enough he called himself Matty Too Cutey and for some reason I was Shaun K. Hachey. For some reason we thought if Vince Kennedy McMahon had a kid named Sean he’d actually spell it Shaun. Or at least Matt thought that.

This design was pretty tight at launch. You can still tell that for some reason I decided to go with the whole no right click.

hachnationrightBut you can find out a lot of information and do a few things too.

Probably that craziest thing about this is the dot com banner I designed.


It’s only crazy because well, it’s like 8 years later and we still haven’t gotten a domain name. I think that’s awesome!

There’s a lot of things going on with this page. A lot that doesn’t work due to me not completing everything way back then and a combination of time and GeoCities closing.

But you can see there’s a log in page and even a poll. Hey, I was trying to make things interactive after all. Don’t worry we haven’t downgraded since we just had a log in for a forum type page hosted by ChatArea.com

You can also see that I listed 10 different sub pages: AP 101, Babbles, Dis Way, Features, Games, Gov’t Warn, Reviews, Sports, Toons, Staff.

Most of which are still around now a days. And our as follows: Analyze Porn 101, Babble, Disassociation Way, Features, Government Warning, Viewed & Reviewed, Sports, Cartoon

Maybe we should bring back games… People like games..

So go take a look at the classic Hachland and tell me how much you enjoy it!

And keep your eyes open for anything that is Hachland… If you find it let me know!!