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The world of TNA, Impact and the entire Aces & Eights is about to change after the entire Kurt Angle enters the Aces & Eights Clubhouse. And attacks the gang and unmasks the supposed leader. This all happened last week on Impact for those of you who happened to miss it:

Over the months Aces & Eights has been around us the wrestling fans and we’ve turned to completely hating it.

But we’ve also held all hopes up big time that it could be one of the legendary groups of all-time.

Yet with members like Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco it makes us think that maybe just maybe they will be a group that makes the Alliance To End Hulkamania look glorious.

For those who don’t remember The Alliance To End Hulkamania. It was a group which in compassed members of the Four Horsemen and Dungeon of Doom. Some famous names like Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Brain Pillman, Kevin Sullivan, Meng, Barbarian, Lex Luger, The Ultimate Solution, Ze Gangsta, Jimmy Hart, Woman and Miss Elizabeth. The group came to birth a month previous to the WCW Uncensored 1996 Pay-Per-View and actually died on that night. As numerous members of the group were either fired, quit or turned on each other.


While the entire purpose of the group was to end Hulkamania. It failed. And by failed? It failed epically! All the members were placed inside a three tier cage called the Doomsday Cage and Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage were both to run the gauntlet and basically survive the group. In the end Hulkamania survived. The Alliance did not.

And now we’re back with Aces & Eights and within their inspection they’ve attacked Hulk Hogan numerous times. Breaking his hip causing surgery to be needed, they did the same with his knee. And even attacked him and others at his daughter Brooke’s wedding to Bully Ray.

Thus leading us to believe maybe this is another incarnation of the Alliance To End Hulkamania. While we’ve seen numerous groups come along and attempt to take out Hulk or other top names. We’ve also heard of major swerves and shockers. Such as the birth of New World Order when it was revealed Hulk Hogan was the leader of the group. But where does this leave us with Aces & Eights?


It leaves us with what happened last week in which Kurt Angle infiltrated their “clubhouse”.

Obviously they call it a clubhouse because it’s on the grounds of Universal Studios. Because if you can’t visit Micky Mouse’s Clubhouse at Disney World than maybe you can visit the clubhouse of the Aces & Eights.

Aside from that lame joke the seriousness of what Kurt Angle did is pretty shocking. Not only did he get inside, he attacked the members of the villainous group. But he also attacked and would soon unmask the original voice of the group, the supposed VP of Aces & Eights. Revealed sadly not to us the lovely people at home.

So who was it? Who was the man behind the mask? Well… we have been down this road before. We’ve mentioned these future members of the Aces & Eights before here at Hachland such as:


Aces & Eights – Who They Be?

To Be The President 

But did the man under the mask actually look like those men? Or is he even someone who we think he might be? I don’t know. Or do I? Any how… Let’s check out the possible candidates to be VP…

Hulk Hogan


Why would he have caused himself so much pain and thus leading to surgery? And actually have himself sending himself to the hospital? Was it all a show? Or were the surgeries actually needed? Like in the sense that if he went out and go those surgeries he would be able to make a return to performing in the ring? But then again even I wouldn’t be that insane. Plus he wouldn’t be the VP. This man plays second fiddle to no one! Ask Macho Man if there was a leader of the Mega Powers.

Kurt Angle


Obviously it can’t be Angle. Especially considering it was him after all that unmasked the VP. But he was one of my first choices to lead the Aces & Eights. I took Hogan’s age when he became the leader of the nWo and Angle’s current age and bam! They’re both the same age! So now that all of you who thought Hogan was old then and now beg for Angle to return to WWE Ha! You’re all just too funny. But unlike what I stated on Twitter last week..


Sadly.. it’s not true. Or can it?

Colt Cabana


Would Kurt Angle even know who he is? Or was he just saying that because he doesn’t know who he is? Probably won’t be Cabana. But still it would be a pretty cool idea. And someone needs to bring him to the main show.

Jeff Jarrett


People really, really I mean really want the good ole Double J to be the leader. They want the Found of TNA to return. And wouldn’t it be quite fitting? A man who has a lot of history with Hulk Hogan. And for that matter Kurt Angle. And oh, the rest of those that have been attacked. A man who once slammed a guitar over Hogan’s head and with Russo swerved us into believing he would lay down for that old man.

Oh plus who can forget he’s currently married to Kurt Angle’s ex wife!

karen-jarrettBully Ray


Could that have actually been everyone’s favorite good guy Bully Ray? Could it be Brooke’s new husband? Would be strange. Wouldn’t explain the wedding one bit. Minus the fact he became the number one contender to Jeff Hardy‘s World Championship. And when you think of that it makes you believe that maybe he is that guy. After all he is a Bully.



Another swerve choice of course. But like we’ve said in the past maybe the time is right for Sting to turn on Hogan like Hogan did oh so many years ago to the Stinger. We’ll call this The Scorpion’s Revenge.


If this is true we will see Sting battle Hogan of some epicness maybe not in an actual match but for the power of TNA. Wouldn’t quite explain why Sting gave Hogan power back a year ago. But what it would show is that Sting has had a master plan and looked into embarrassing Hogan for over a year.

James Storm


After all he is a Cowboy. Plus he has been pushed around a lot lately and nothing is being given to him. But he’s too over as a good guy to go bad. Just ask John Cena about that problem. Although Bobby Roode thought he was the leader of Aces & Eights a few months back.

Matt Morgan


What about Matt Morgan? After all he has been a thorn in the side of Hulk Hogan with the whole stealing his robe from years gone by. But then again wouldn’t his return to TNA have involved him joining Aces & Eights from way back then? Plus I don’t think that guy Angle attacked was a seven foot monster. Eh.. I mean a seven foot blue print.

Tommy Dreamer


Talk about a wild card pick. What if Dreamer is the man under the mask? It would help to explain a lot. Minus a few occurrences such as Dreamer being at the wedding. But Dreamer would have chosen all of those members. He would showcase a hatred for Hogan, Bully Ray and the others. But I doubt it is. Dreamer as of late has been a roamer. From being in WWE a while back from his House of Hardcore and random other events he’s doing. But it would explain why he was taken off of a local wrestling show coming up towards me.

Abyss / Joesph Parks


Could it be? One of the “brothers”? It would be interesting. But I think or at least I’m hoping and wondering where they’re going with this character. Because it really has a lot more to go. It’s classic!

Eric Bischoff


Eh… I don’t think… Wait.. Maybe? Some parts could be. Yet after watching last years Lethal Lockdown a.k.a. The Death of Eazy E. I doubt that most of the guys who fought to get him out of TNA. You know guys like his son, Mr. Anderson. I really doubt they would help get him back in. But he would have a major reason for attacking who he’s attacking. All the former members of Immortal. Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan. I guess it could be possible.

It could be anyone. Like D’Lo Brown? Or maybe even Bruce Prichard? That would be something. But then again Prichard already has a lot of power in TNA and wouldn’t need to lead a heel group to gain any. But people actually think that character is D’Lo. What would that accomplish? There would have to be a lot more story telling for that. How Hogan forced him to retire or something?

Weather it be someone I’ve mentioned or someone else the truth is that this will be either the rebirth of Aces & Eights or the death!

Then again it could be Vince McMahon!

After all at one point I thought it was Ric Flair.


Is it…

Shane McMahon?