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Now that TNA and Impact Wrestling is going live on the road we should take a look back at it’s founder.

About 10 days ago he was interviewed by the PW Insider. And maybe if we got wind of it we would have mentioned this a little, but we didn’t and well, now we have so watch!

And all the heat he has gotten throughout his career. Is it justified? Or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time?


From his WWF days to WCW days and backwards and forwards. From calling himself J-E-Double-F, J-A-Double-R, E-Double-T all the way to him being The Chosen One by Vince Russo.

Here’s Kevin Nash talking about a time when Jeff Jarrett lost to Shawn Michaels and then abruptly left WWF. Listen quickly because Nash goes on rant city.

And now time for a video showcasing the best of Jeff Jarrett and his guitar shots!

Speaking of Vince Russo, here’s Dutch Mantel… Ehh, I mean Zeb Colter talking about how Russo sucks!

How about Jeff’s dad Jerry Jarrett talking about being a wrestling promoter and booking… Talking mainly about too many run-ins. I wonder if my friend Rob remembers someone booking like this…

And how about Kevin Nash teaching Scott Steiner how to lay down… Because anything involving Scott Steiner speaking is golden!

Okay one more about Vince Russo.. Remember the early days of TNA they had a faction called S.E.X. and well, here’s a promo where Vince Russo calls the crowd ugly… Check out B.G. James, oh you didn’t know, Road Dogg Jesse James and his stupid chin hair…

And to end this little remember wrestling… Let’s take a look at the entire Jeff Jarrett vs. Hulk Hogan issue at Bash At The Beach 2000… Booker T even jumps in because he and Jarrett later wrestled for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship… Any how listen…