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15 Years ago today WCW held a live Nitro event from Club La Vela, Panama City, Florida. Yes, the same place in which WCW held their last ever event.

But this event was at the height of WCW’s Power. And many of us remember this as the saddest day in wrestling history.

Why is this?

It’s simply because Lodi, you know, that guy that was in Raven’s Flock. The dude who held all the signs.

Well, for some reason and this could be the main reason why WCW eventually failed. I’m not saying it is. I’m just strongly suggesting the reasoning WCW failed is because Lodi was sent out to lose to Goldberg. Yes! Of all the wrestlers in all the world to Goldberg.

Why did this happen?

I’m not sure. I’m not part of the WCW Booking Committee and sadly never will be. But this could have been a completely mistake. And eventually turns out to be the biggest mistake in WCW history.

Here is the travesty… Go watch it. Please grab a few facial tissues because you will need them…

Meanwhile the semi-Main Event of the night featured Chris Jericho taking on Juventud Guerrera. Find out if Monday Night Jericho can stop Juvy Juice!

Which led to the main event of Lex Luger & Sting versus nWo members Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage!

To gain some back story however to this match we will see how Macho Man confronted Eric Bischoff .

And how about Hogan talking about Savage. All on the same night. Kind of makes one wonder how they tagged together.

But don’t get all down in the dumps. Because we’re going to show case The Greatest. Ehh.. Okay, maybe it’s just Ernest “The Cat” Miller taking on Sonny Onoo’s Yugi Nagata.

We also saw Davey Boy Smith & Jim Neidhart tagging to take on the great team of Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom. I’m not sure if Mike was still Mean here. But check out it out. I doubt you can tell the two apart.

Speaking of Mike Enos, why not have Scott Hall follow his great match. I think that’s a classic theme.

Check out this Scott Steiner match before he found out what Twitter was. Not that he really knows what it is though. He takes on Big Bubba, you know that guy really is a Boss, Man.

How about a one on one match with two great tag team wrestlers. Okay, maybe they’re just not well known for their singles wrestling inside the United States. It’s Scott Norton versus Chris Adams.

Check out DDP before he was Positive and before he taught Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts Yoga. Oh, yeah, that big guy is Reese. You may remember him as his other characters…


ronreis_display_imageThat’s The Yeti!

And how about Chavo taking on Booker T for the WCW Television Title. Because some companies had their TV Title defend when they were on TV. But the best part of this is Uncle Eddie Gurrero making Chavo wear the “My Favorite Wrestler Is Eddy Gurrero”

Okay… The following match if showcased by WWE currently would showcase Raven facing himself. But we’re showcasing it and watch Raven take on Chris Benoit. Part of the legendary feud that involved these two and too bad we don’t get to see the great three way dance which had Diamond Dallas Page involved. Okay, that’s my favorite three way dance match ever! But this match ain’t too bad!

For those who couldn’t follow along here is the match results of this legendary Nitro.

1    Goldberg    def.    Lodi
2    Ultimo Dragon    def.    Fit Finlay
3    Scott Norton    def.    Chris Adams
4    Davey-Boy Smith & Jim Neidhart    def.    Mike Enos & Wayne Bloom
5    Raven    def.    Chris Benoit
6    Ernest Miller    def.    Yuji Nagata
7    Scott Steiner    def.    Ray Traylor
8    Booker T.    def.    Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
9    Diamond Dallas Page    def.    Reese
10    Juventud Guerrera    def. (DQ)    Chris Jericho
11    Lex Luger & Sting    def. (DQ)    Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since this event happened? Where were you 15 years ago? How much of your life has changed in 15 years?