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Last night as me and Big Rob ventured up North towards another wrestling show. This time it wasn’t in Whitehall and luckily it wasn’t in Ravena either. But it was in a small town called Ballston Spa. The adventure would be something new and different of course. For this would be both of our first time ever going to a In Your Face Wrestling show.

This show was being billed with some pretty big names from The Boogeyman, Little Guido aka Nunzio, Shelton Benjamin and our favorite wrestler as in me and Big Rob’s of course. Our favorite wrestler Bobby Fish!

As we all know my friend Big Rob has shown up numerous times here on Hachland as a special segment of “Where In The World Is Big Rob“ And this would be no different as this time I again would be joining him. And only God would know what we would find in Ballston Spa.

We both were hoping it wouldn’t be Ravena Randy or Whitehall Willy.

So we pulled into the small town of Ballston Spa noticing they had some interesting local places O’Brien Pharmacy which for being the day before St. Patty’s Day was oddly closed. We both thought this would be prime time for them to be open.

We noticed a bunch of businesses with funny names such as Roise Bloom Again, The Uncommong Galleries, Two If By Sea Gallery, Sacred Journey Ceramics, The Brickyard Tavern, and of course Pizza Works. Because it’s tasty to work for your Pizza! Sadly we missed the Three Olives Resturant and the Whistling Kettle. But we drove by Coffee Planet, I wished to had stopped after the show, but sadly they were closed.

And of course a place we both found very interesting The National Bottle Museum. Which oddly was standing right next to the next place.

The Straight Edge Barber Shop, although we were both happy they were closed. Because we knew that they wouldn’t be happy about the fact they we both enjoy a beer or twelve.

But we had pulled into the parking lot of the Ballston Spa Community Center, the most famous wrestling arena located in Ballston Spa on Malta Avenue.

And of course Rob just had to have his picture taken in front of the place.


As we ventured inside, we found our seats and we waited to enjoy the show. This time unlike our trip to Whitehall I came prepared and had previously set up my Twitter account with my phone. Because nothing is better than my tweets. Yes, I mean NOTHING!

Speaking of which here are a few of them before from before we actually made it… Can you tell which one is referencing Little Guido?


About to hit up @iyfwrestling tonight… I hope they know #wheresmypizza


@l3igrol3 won the straw poll for tonight’s show… I will have to start the #WhereIsSharkBoy chant

And then as we sat on our bleacher creature seats I had to just tell everyone that…


The anticapation is overwhelming #IYFW

And because someone who should have been there wasn’t….


Can’t believe @ComedianJasonS no showed this epic event

Later on I found out that he wasn’t the only one… Scott Hall had also no showed…

Then we realized we were sitting near the little kids…


Even at a independent show I’m forced to sit at the kids table

Besides the numerous amounts of big named wrestlers at this event we also noticed a all-star crowd…


OMG! Eugene’s father is here! #HisNameIsGene

We also noted that Tommy Dreamer was there, Les Gold from Hardcore Pawn was there, Steve of Steve Wilkos fame, and even Fatt Hardy or maybe it was Meth Hardy, we couldn’t decide it looked like a mixture of both.

And then a little kid came around with candy bars and…


Just got hustled out of a dollar by a 5 year old.. #RobbieEIsHisFavoriteWrestler

They had a Ten Bell Saulte for Paul Bearer… And I played the role of CM Punk during this… Plus #PaulBearerHatesMe


Who tweets during the 10 bell saulte? #heel

And now for the picture show…



Glad to see Claire Lynch’s cousin has a job



Of course Pure Dynamite opens the show.. they are #ShowStoppers



Hmm is this guy the Red Rocket?

And after doing the finisher that Gail Kim does… He became..


Red rocket is Fail Kim



Congrats to Sheldon and Red Rocket for that win.. now they can eat



Scoot Scarsdale.. I mean Ron Jeremy’s third cousin



Maybe these guys should try @ddpyoga

And then the Northern Stud aka the guy in the wife beater had a wardrobe malfunction….


That’s not PG! #ArseCheeks

I noticed a guy in the third row had made the letter “L” with his fingers… And well, he failed at this…


Should I tell that guy in the third row that the letter L faces the other way?

And then this guy came out… And some guy in the crowd yelled out that Shelton Benjamin had let himself go… It really wasn’t Shelton though…



Shelton looks like Umanga



The ghost of Lord Steven Regal has graced our pressence


And then this guy came out and somehow put a trance on the Umanga look a like guy…


The Boogyman just killed Buddah’s mom

And I noticed that Little Guido came peeping out and watching the action… and I tried to take a picture on my out dated phone… but not sure if it worked…



Little Guido is playing peeping tom

As you can see the Boggeyman scaring the other guy… but if you look past all that you can see a black tarp.. that’s were Little Guido was peeking through..

And then came a 8 man tag match featuring…


Robs favorite wrestler the Red Meanie



Bret Hart post stroke wrestles better than this guy #PinkAndBlackAttack

And then this… As I made fun of Drake Evans…

The guy in pink and black…


Sadly after all this my idea of tweeting throughout the night couldn’t last longer… Due to me forgetting to charge my phone..

But we sat on as we took a break from action as the intermission took place…

We returned as Liam McFerran who works with Rob defeated “Mr. Maple Leaf” Ricky Williams. I think Rob had a very difficult choice in who to root for here. Due to a guy he works with against family… Rob might be a Canuck…


We next saw Bobby Ocean come out… Yet your favorite tag team Pure Dynamite came out and attacked him… And the 2 on 1 continued until The Boogeyman came out to rescue Ocean… Kinda…


Worms were had by all!

And then all hell would break loose…


But don’t worry because we had the FBI to stop him!


Somehow Little Guido got DQ’d after fighting off the other guy Pierre “The Beast” Vachon’s attempt to attack him with brass knuckles… But later on Gudio took down the referee and had a 5 year old from the crowd assist him with the win!

Soon it was time for the main event which featured a tag team match the had In Your Face Wrestling Champion, Fronz Roddy and Shelton Benjamin teaming up against “The Pillar” Roman Dominguez and one half of the ROH World Tag Team Championships, Bobby “Everybody’s Favorite” Fish.

Shelton playing the role of good guy called Roman Dominquez “Gutucus” instead of Spartacus of course…


Personally I thought he was “The Pillar Of Golden Coral” Roman Reigns The Buffet…

Better yet…

You can see me and Bobby Fish hang out a lot.



Sadly Bobby Fish’s team didn’t get the win.

But me and Rob both agreed…


ACW Arena > BACC @l3igrol3

  And soon we were leaving the old BACC and on the road again…

We stopped at the Cumberland Farms because well gas was for some reason 10 cents cheaper all the way up there than anywhere we’ve seen in some time.

As Rob was pumping the gas… A Ford Ranger pulled up… Parked in the no parking spot… and as the driver  climbed out of rusted old Ford Ranger… He left it running… Probably because if he turned it out it wouldn’t start again… Or maybe… He just didn’t care….

He began to walk towards the entrance of the Cumberland Farm… And then stopped and looked towards me who was sitting in the passenger seat of Rob’s car and suddenly he begun to sing opera…


It surely was insane…

But for some reason Rob hadn’t noticed what was going on… and once he got back in the car from pumping gas he just drove off… I asked him if he saw that.. He just mentioned what great price on gas that he just got…

I’m not sure of the guys name.. But I’m calling him the Ballston Spa Booger… Because well, I think that’s a great name for him…

By the way thanks to Gary Braham for all of the in-ring pictures…