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Here we are again, it’s that time of the year where I predict who will be the best team out of 68 different teams. And like all 28 previous times I’ve done this. Because yes, I used to do this when I was a infant. I lost epicly. Except that great year in 2003!

That year was different because that’s when Syracuse and Carmelo Anthony went all the way!

Unlike the sad time in 1996 when John Wallace lead ‘Cuse in the house at Madison Square Garden and they lost to a Rick Pitino coached Kentucky.

But let’s not live in the past. Let’s look towards the future. And check out my bracket!

Let’s please note I really want Syracuse to go all the way once again. But I understand that is just crazy talk!

And unlike that 1996 year I have chosen to go with a Rick Pitino coached team to go all the way.

I think Pitino is the thorn in the side of Syracuse because way back when Jim Boeheim started his first assistant was good old Ricky..

But this is Syracuse’s year…. again.. Maybe…

Here’s my picks…


Got all that?

Let me be nice and break it down by region for you…

Here is the East Division…


The big three teams I see here are Indiana, Miami and Syracuse. Okay Marquette is up there too. But with the reemergence of Miami I think they might indeed take a run for it. But with Indiana making a big splash too they will over take Miami and advance to the final four. But my favorite game in this region is Indiana versus Syracuse. It’s an old family tradition that anything about Indiana sucks… Mainly because of an old Christmas picture where my brother and I were forced to wear Indiana clothing…

Yuck indeed!

Lets move on to the Mid West… ncaamid

My new home town of Albany has made the big dance…. Sadly they’re getting a Bad Luck Brian match up where they play Duke. It’s like winning the lotto and dying the next day type or deal. It just sucks. But Duke will run the brackets until they meet Rick’s Louisville team… And bam! Rick’s got this one in the bank!

Let’s head to the South!ncaasouth

A lot of big games in this region… I really don’t know who will will this one.. But I am choosing Kansas over Georgetown… It will indeed be close. But I also see Kansas getting a big test early when they play North Carolina. I know North Carolina is having a down year, but come on they’re North Carolina after all!

Another big match up is going to be VCU and Michigan. I know of someone who used to go to VCU and I know Michigan is having a good year. But VCU looks to be building a basketball dynasty. So I’m going with them until they meet Dorthy’s favorite team.

Speaking of Dorthy, let’s go to the last and final region the West region!


Hmm.. I guess I messed up the image slightly.. Makes it cooler this way… Oh well…

This region doesn’t excite me too much.. I see a lot of hard working teams. I see Iona another New York team gets a 15 seed, but obviously I don’t see Ohio State failing against them. But I do see the old school upset pick of Gonzaga running the brackets in this region.

I’m not really sure if Kansas State will really beat Wisconsin, but I’m going with them any ways. And I like to see the build up of a Notre Dame versus Ohio State game. But I know Ohio State won’t have any scares. Well, maybe a little with Arizona.. Meanwhile Gonzaga won’t have any scares until the final four..

Speaking of which here is the final dance break down from me…

ncaafinalfourAs we see I have chosen the final game to be between Kansas and Louisville and thus the winner is…

Drum roll please…


Or Syracuse…. HAHAHA…

Let’s see how good I do this year!