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With a revealing like the one that was done by the Aces & Eights is quite interesting. What more if anything is is to be revealed? We had to wait nine long months for the Ace to fall. We had numerous other reveals many of wich didn’t seem all that exciting. If meaningful at that point.

Yes, we got Devon back into TNA. As it was back then it was rumored and seemingly resulting in the truth do to Devon losing the TV title that his contract had expired. And with his contract expiring he was left outside the Impact Zone. Which seems to be a good thing, but in this instance wasn’t.

He was soon to be revealed as the first member of the rebel gang. Leading many in the online world to think that Devon was the leader. But I had a better knowledge. One that would be revealed a few months later. ne that is and well quite different than any other reveal to a group than ever before.

You see if you look back at all the great groups in wrestling history those with a great leader. We eventually found out who the leader was pretty early in the tenure of the group. From the Four Horsemen we knew quite early that it was indeed Ric Flair. Yes, we had Ole Anderson and J.J. Dillon helping out a lot. But Flair was and is even still the face of the group. How about the Hart Foundation? Yes, we had two brothers eventually in the group and even some cousins and in-laws. But it was first evolved and indefinitely with Bret. What about Raven!? When he started the flock in WCW. He first appeared and then a gathering started to form around him. Speaking of WCW the biggest group ever was the New World Order. After Scott Hall and Kevin Nash came out and bashed heads and took over the WCW there was indeed a huge build up around who was their third member. And that all came to a head at Bash At The Beach 1996 when we found out. When we found out it was Hulk Hogan who eventually became the leader and the mouth of the nWo.

But with all those groups we first knew who the leader was and then we found out the members. Yet with Aces & Eights we got the members and then the leader. I can’t think of another group that was formed this way.

Yes, I understand nWo had tons of supposed different leaders. Yet the original group is what I’m talking about. We’re not talking about nWo Black & White with Stevie Ray or Virgil. When Nexus was lead by CM Punk. We’re not any. Where close to any changes occurring in this group. It’s fresh and well hotter than ever before.

Saying all of this leads leads me to think where will all of this lead to? Whats left to be revealed? Is there any more?

The months during this build up the Internet Wrestling Committee was talking the leader was Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett. Even the speculation with the members was always on. When they were walking around with their masks. There was side by side pictures of guys with mask and without. They revealed some and it turned out to be numerous guesses. From D’Lo Brown being actually D’Lo Brown.

So the question remains whats next. New members? More reveals? What’s next? Is Bully Ray the true leader? Is there someone funding him?\

One idea I am currently going with is no. There is no one behind all of this. It’s a group of eight men who have seen the ups and downs of wrestling and are sick of certain people bossing around others and help keeping control of the older stars from Hulk Hogan and Sting.

Thus leading to the group taking out the top guys and changing TNA for the better. Somewhat similar to the other two heel groups on the other Big Two comapnies aka WWE & ROH with The Shield and S.C.U.M.

Yet the biggest fear of this group is it getting too big like nWo once become.

Another idea is that someone is funding all of this. Yes, we can believe that all the members of Aces & Eights can afford masks and a few bears. But is there a master mind behind all of this? I mean honestly two of these guys are Dudleys. And Dudleys are not that smart.

So if there is a master mind than who? I’m going with it has to be a non-wrestler so who? Paul Heyman is in the WWE. Jim Cornette doesnt’ ever what to retun to TNA. So who would hate Hogan so much that he would start a group to screw over his family?

Two names come to mind. One I’ve mentioned before. And that being Eric Bischoff. We all know Hogan and Bischoff have been the best of friends and the worst of enemies. But at last years Lockdown all had changed. Leading to Bischoff being fired. Is this his way back into the fold? After all his baby boy is in this group.

Then again Bischoff’s boy Garret is the main reason he got fired form TNA with the whole Bischoff versus Bischoff Lockdown brawl from last year.

Maybe it’s not him. Who else is a viable choice? Who else would be a mastermind behind creating this group and the rouse?

Vince Russo? Yes Russo! Now I know in the past fifteen years Russo has grown to being the great name of wrestling to being a flop to rising again and well one thing is for sure. He has always had a distance towards Hogan. But we may have already seen the last of Russo in the wrestling business as he walked away form all of it.

So well I have mentioned two names of masterminds. But what if I am on the right trail but it ifs really a wrestler. As I previously mentioned Bischoff who I had once thought of being the leader I’m going to mention Jeff Jarrett. He too has a lot of head towards TNA and Hogan. After all he is that found of the company that Hogan is now in charge of.

So who other than Jarrett would want to see Hogan suffer? We all know the history. But do we really see this as being true? After all we haven’t seen any member of the Aces & Eights use a guitar. And Ron and Don Harris have not been revealed as members of the Aces & Eights either.

So who else? What if it’s Sting? On the weeks coming Impact will find out why Bully Ray did what he did. Why it took nine months. But what if there really is more to the story? What if that story is one from Sting?

As last weeks Impact we saw that Hogan blamed Sting for a lot of what had happened. All because Sting said Bully Ray is a good guy.

Sting can’t be a bad guy…. can he?

So we know Hogan’s mad at Sting. We know Hogan and Sting have feuded before. We remember all the way back to WCW.

How could Sting be behind all of this? Who was the man behind giving Hogan that GM spot? Sting! Who was the man first attacked by Aces & Eights. Wait, that just breaks the story right there, right? Nope, that builds it.

You see Sting probably has the biggest reasoning to be the true leader of Aces & Eights. And instead of just nine months it’d be years and years of build up.

We will be told how after all these years Sting still hasn’t forgotten Hogan for turning on him and WCW. He had thought he had found a true friend when Hogan came to WCW. But he threw it all away to join a group of renegades.

Sting will continue to explain why he is behind all of the Aces & Eights. Because after Hogan turned it sent a unsettling feeling ruining Sting. And Sting wanted to make sure Hogan knew how it felt. He wanted Hogan to feel the pain he felt. As all his friends and family doubted him. How nobody trusted him. I want you to feel pain. And what better way to show you pain than to make you feel pain. And what your own flesh and blood, your one and only daughter to be in pain. You see Hogan you hurt me. So I decided to hurt you. You thought I did wrong by telling you Bully Ray was a good guy. Na, I did you wrong by telling Dixie Carter to trust you. You see Hogan I had to put all of the pawns into place because I wanted to watch you fall. I had to build you up to where you once were. To watch the king fall. Hogan it was me! It was me all along!

So maybe none of this will happen. But for some reason I think Sting is behind all of this. Although maybe it’s kind of a want all of this to happen. I would like to Sting as a bad guy once and for all.