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Oh the lovely death of WWE. Something that about 12 percent of the Internet Wrestling Committee has been hoping for since the dawn of the Monday Night wars and about 3 percent of those started before the first WCW Nitro aired from that mall oh so many years ago. But why now is the death of WWE more prominent than ever before? A laundry list of problems, of course.

The 29th annual WrestleMania is about to occur and this years main event is starring fan favorite John Cena and movie personality Dwayne Johnson. This will be only the third actual match since 2005. And for some reason people don’t see this as a major problem. I, of course do.

Up until a few years ago we could have sat all day online and we could have read about how Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are way too old to wrestle. But they did. And they did day in and day out. They didn’t sit around leave the business and then come back and somehow become a new champion.

I suppose the point I’m attempting to make here is that The Rock has become a movie star. There is no doubt in that. His moves are some of the biggest block busters that Hollywood has ever seen. Millions and millions of dollars have been had by the man formerly known as The Rock.

Okay so having a man who is a media mogul, a man that is wanted to headline every single movie and television show is not a bad thing. Unless he’s not there to promote your business. And last night he headlined the Tonight Show. Which was running unopposed to the Letterman show due to March Madness. So all comedy eyes were upon Jay Leno and The Rock.

So what occurred when The Rock made his way behind the curtain? Did he come out wi

th the new WWE Championship belt across his waist? No! Was it over his shoulder? Nope. There was no WWE Championship to be seen. And to make matters even worse there was no mention of the WWE and WrestleMania. Probably something that would help WrestleMania buy rates or even the viewership of any of WWE’s weekly programming.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and look… I can wait…

* Note… Click next two times… Unless you want to watch Chris Paul… For some reason YouTube is messing up…

Now one little fib like this doesn’t make for the death of a entire organization that has been around since 1952 and makes an estimated 600 million dollars a year. A company like this isn’t marked for death on one little mistake right?


But a million and one smaller mistakes could send your company in a down ward spiral.

What about television ratings? It was reported that during the dying days of WCW that the television ratings were the main reason AOL Time Warner decided to sell off the wrestling organization. But get this fact that they were still the highest rating shows on the channels they aired TNT and TBS.

On the dying days Nitro was getting ratings in the category of 2’s and 3’s. With the final Nitro ever gaining a 3.0. What is the current WWE Raw gaining for ratings? About the same. With a few exceptions with the ratings maybe getting a few more views, but not many more. And the bad thing about it all? They’re dropping. And dropping fast. Something that’s not good going into the companies biggest event of the year, for that matter, biggest event ever!

And due to their dropping television ratings they have gone out and signed a new head writer. Yep, a few weeks before WrestleMania. A mere handful of days or so leading into the biggest event. A event that ends all of the stories for the year. That closes the chapter on some of the on going feuds, we decide to flip everything upside down and bring in a new guy?

If that’s not a sure sign of panic I don’t know what is.

Now this new guy is a man from the soap opera world. Which gives mixed signals for us the wrestling fans. But it does also show that he knows how to tell a story that will last and last and last. After all most of the great soap operas were shown daily. Sadly though that keyword I used was “were” As in most of them have dyed off.

And this new guy was involved with few more of them that have been cancelled.


David Kreizman is this man. He was once the writer for Spyder Games a soap opera on MTV that lasted one season until it was canceled. He was the co-head writer for a soap opera known as As The World Turns that started in 1954 and lasted until well it was canceled. He was also the co-head writer for a little show called All My Children. It was a classic soap opera that started in 1970 and was canceled during the time Kreizman was there. And finally another soap opera that he worked on was Guiding Light. And let’s make the connection again it was canceled when he was left in charge.

That’s right! Four shows that were canceled once Kreizman was given the green light to become the top writer for it. Okay, mind you Spyder Games was a show on MTV that didn’t fit their formula of dumb people doing dumb things and having nothing to do with music. But the others As The World Turns, All My Children and Guiding Light were well, they were institutions long running shows that even saw time before the birth of television. As Guiding Light was once a radio show. But once Kreizman was given their reigns he led them into the land of cancellation.

Obviously he’s a great choice to help lead the future direction of the WWE. Because he has a long standing list of well, failures. I guess they’re looking at the fact he won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series. Just don’t notice the fact he was the main reason three shows that lasted for a total of 152 years. That’s an average of about 50 some odd years. Similar to the age of the WWE.

Good choice!

Especially right before WrestleMania.

But I guess it’s better than what WWE writers Google says they have for SmackDown.


Now speaking of this biggest event ever another thing that would ruin it and help lead to the death of WWE is that what if there is rain, wind or hell, even snow? It’s being held at the home of the New York Giants and New York Jets at the outside stadium known as Met Life Stadium. Would the company be ready to make sure the show goes on due to a major storm or for that matter a small storm. What if those little John Cena fans get wet. Would their mothers be so happy to have their child near death?

Another small sign a business is failing is the amount their stock on the New York Stock Exchange is selling for. And in 1999, Vince McMahon and the company thought it’d be a good idea to make shares of their company public so that they could make more money of course. It was a smart idea. They were a top the world at the moment. And they opened their share price at around 17 dollars. Yet since the inception of that stock they have since dropped drastically. And now at the current moment of writing this they are listed around 8.64. Which is nearly half of their once opening.


While WWE isn’t losing money like other major companies that have failed majorly in recent years like American Airlines  and Avon. Yes, that make up stuff your Grandmother loves. That could be another failed company, but listen to this. They’re stock price is at an all time low. And that’s still higher than what WWE first opened at.

So does this financial stuff have any meaning to the death of WWE? Why yes it does. But it probably won’t have any lasting effects due to the fact WWE isn’t actually losing money. Once that begins than the fear has some increasing possibilities.

Leaving me asking… If WWE would die off would you care?