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Over the course of a week I forget to mention some things that happen in the wrestling world. And over the past month or so I’ve been heating up, well, maybe since the past year, but who’s counting the days, weeks, months, hours ehh…. Get off track.

So basically some stories slip through the cracks and we need to go Back in Black… Wait.. no.. not that either..

Okay so instead of having a complete Impact Live round up like we did last week we’ll just mention some random things from it and from the world of wrestling…

First let’s start off with BotchedSpot the comic about wrestling for wrestling… The other day they had a great comic about Paul Heyman decicieding to side with CM Punk or Brock Lesner… And one of the drawings sent me in a laugh fest….


Make sure you check out all of the greatness that is BotchedSpot

Meanwhile in real serious news we learned that on and off again TNA wrestler Sonjay Dutt got in some major trouble as he was arrested!


The story was broke by CNN or someone like that but here is a link to the story… STORY LINK!

Luckily one of the first things Dutt did was seek legal advice…

BFaY0V1CMAAfeUo.jpg large

They seem to think they will overcome this small legal problem maybe when Joseph Park drops his Closing Argument.

Okay maybe the whole story is a case of mistaken idenitiy but still…


Later on Impact Live (Kinda But Not)….

We learned everything there was to know as who, why, how, when and that other one about the Aces & Eights as…


I mean….

There are some things in the world of wrestling that have scared me from day one…

Like when Sting used to wear muscle shirts…


Like how Booker T had the craziest of accents when he became King Booker..

Or why Justin Credible was never allowed into the Kliq or rather Degeneration X or the nWo…

BF9eTKHCQAEZ0w6.jpg large

And finally we have a video clip of Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage commenting about one of the upcoming WrestleMania 29 matches. More specifically the one featuring Mark Henry and Ryback…. Or as someone called it Ryblack versus Ryback…


But before I leave you… check out what the legend Hulk Hogan had to say about a transgendered UFC fighter known as Fallon Fox….

Head over to TMZ to watch the video