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The other night 2CW held a free event and offered it to everyone who had a computer with a solid internet connection…

It was Living On The Edge VIII…

And I was one of the lucky one’s to watch and tweet along…

Let me tell you it’s on the short list of top 5 wrestling events this year..

Plus it was fun as I was one of those tweeting along and brought #IAM2CW trending world wide!!

Although at one point I had planned on going to the event, I’m grateful they offered this event free…

If you haven’t checked out a 2CW event, make sure you take the time and watch this…

Here is the line up from the show…

Colt Cabana vs. Slyck Wagner Brown

Milan X and Bin Hamin vs Zaquary Springate III.

Colin Delaney vs Dalton Castle

Spike Dudley vs Masada

Five Team Tag Match For the 2CW Tag Titles including
Pete D. Order & Dick Justice (w/ EMT) vs. Electric Dream Machine (Loca Vida & Steve McKenzie) vs. Planet Fitness (Muscle Marcos & Cheech) vs. Sean Carr & Kage vs. First Class (Kevin Graham & Mike Van Slyke)

Sami Callihan vs Matt Hardy

Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb vs Jimmy Jacobs and Christina Von Eerie

In a Stairway To Hell match for the 2CW Title, Isys Ephex vs Jason Axe

John Morrison vs Kevin Steen

So go ahead and watch this… It’s over 3 hours and the sound is perfect! And make sure you tweet #IAM2CW

Here is the link in case you didn’t click the image above…