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Seriously… Why is he?

He’s batting .045… Yes, that’s right… that’s a decimal point and then a zero and a four and then a five… How is he still playing baseball? How!?

Currently not counting the game that’s going on right now he’s got a season average of .167.. Yes, that’s right, cops get killed with bigger numbers than that.. You know 187… But he’s 20 points less!!

But at least he’s a starting short stop for the New York Yankees… And he’s the best one we’ve had this year!

And he’s not going anywhere until Derek Jeter gets healthy…

So it’s made me think of this meme… In which I could only think of putting the two pictures together and nothing else…

It’s a before and after… It’s Eduardo Nunez before I talked and after I told him how terrible he is..



Here’s the tentative t-shirt…