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Over on my Twitter feed, I thought a conversation was headed in the talk of Smokey Moutain Wrestling. But it wasn’t….

Yet, it got me thinking of the once great wrestling organization. It was run by the great Jim Cornette.

Save your comments for later.

But nonetheless, this organization lasted for just over 3 years and if you don’t want to read the Wikipedia page for this then know that the following wrestling stars had success and shown their time in SMW :: Bob Holly, New Jack, Al Snow, Balls Mahoney, Chris Jericho, Freddy Brooker, G Kane, Lance Storm, Chris Candido, Tammy Lynn Sytch,  The Road Dogg and D’Lo Brown. Yes, F’N D’LO!

Not to mention wrestling hall of famers and should be Hall Of Famers such as Jerry Lawler, Tommy Rich, Brian Lee, Bobby Blaze, The Rock N Roll Express, Dr. Tom Prichard, Randy Savage, Tracey Smothers, Eddie Gilbert, hell, the list goes on and on and on.

The promotion in the words of Mick Foley were based on old school beliefs of good versus evil. But they didn’t some revolutionary things. One that comes to mind was well, it was the birth place of the Gangstas. Yes, those Gangstas…

And sometimes they did some well, not so politically correct and that well thought out things like….

Yes… that’s Mr. My Spot….