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Last night during the Colorado Rockers and Los Angeles Dodgers game singer slash dancer Psy came to the game and did some dancing as the P.A. System played his new single “Gentelemen”

All of this was going on while legendary Dodgers player, manager and the one guy who is Mr. Dodger himself, Tommy Lasorda . But there was a slight problem, Lasorda, was not impressed. Not in the least.


Okay, maybe he was just shocked why some Korean guy was dancing. Honestly there’s a baseball game going on and the Dodgers are not off to the best start so far.

Plus those shoes, who dances in those shoes? Those are like the shoes you get at Rite Aid and you only get them because they have your rewards card built right into them.

Adding to Lasorda’s stress was that the Dodgers were one game under .500 going into last nights game and had actually a 6 to 1 lead going into the time where Psy started dancing.

But yeah, you’re not interested in the whole Lasorda and the Dodgers win-less record you came here to listen to his new song and watch Psy dance!

For those of you who cared more about the game like Tommy Lasorda, the Dodgers ended up winning, 6-2. But after he did his little song and dance the Dodgers didn’t score another run.

Hopefully this is something that will turn the Dodgers season around and not hurt them. Because this guy really wants to see Donnie Baseball, Don Mattingly, succeed!