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Recently TNA, Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett’s former wrestling company or WCW 2.0 whatever you want to call it started a new series called the Gut Check. This series shows up every month or so on Thursday Nights featuring wrestlers trying to break it into the big time. We’ve seen wrestlers who were once in TNA, wrestlers who have never wrestled before and we’ve even seen the system manipulated into certain guys becoming members of TNA.

The desire for them to get a weekly television show for Gut Check similar to what WWE had with Tough Enough is something many in and outside of TNA would really desire. In so doing so TNA has started a Gut Check Challenge. Which is a place where you the fan can go and vote for your favorite local wrestler and well, hopefully you’re favorite local wrestler can become a member of TNA.

They are currently holding their 8th bracket challenge after having 7 previous ones with a list of winners, losers and well, still unknown wrestlers. With even me not knowing all of these guys I have decided to stop and take a look at their stuff. With TNA giving their names and a short video I’m using the power of the internet to find out more.

With all of that said I will start now by looking through the list of these guys and pick out one a day, or as much as I can and post my thoughts and a few clips of them performing. After all I do run my own wrestling organization.

So stay tuned for all of this!