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Opening Day.

It’s something that we don’t see much outside of sports, especially as we get older. It’s the culmination of a new beginning. A celebration of the inevitable possibilites of a new.

New is something we all strive. Wether it a new day, a new television, new car or whatever new it be. And this is excatly what a opening day gives us.

The traditional opening day that I and most everyone else get up for is the first day of baseball. It’s a great day. All of everything that occurred last year is either forgotten or greatly remembered. As a Chicago Cubs fan it’s always been forgotten. A 100 plus years of forgetting about the previous season and hoping that this is the year.

Going into another paragraph you are probably wondering why this guy is talking about baseball’s Opening Day when that was three months ago. Well, I’m not talking about baseball. I’m leading into the topic at hand. That being horse racing.

In the geographical area in which I live in there’s a small race track located north of my humble abode in which everyone flocks to come late July and throughout the month of August. They call it the Saratoga. I call it the mindling of hopes and dreams. Where the poor travel to obtain riches. And where the rich dream of not going poor.

Today, as I write this, they’re celebrating their opening day. An event which at present time is just beginning. Yet four or so hours when the gates opened a travesty occurred.

I said this is the opening day. As all opening days go it’s a birth of something new. Yet, as we all know new isn’t always good. As you shall definetly see now.


While the gates of the 150 year old horse track were opened a few select individuals made themselves look like a fool. People who had camped outside for hours on end in a sad attempt to gain the best seat and the best spot inside. Simply made themselves look like fools.

Why? I don’t know, maybe because that one spot next to the bathroom is their lucky spot. Or maybe it’s that shady spot under the tree. Either way in my simple mind it’s the biggest mistake of their lives.

Or maybe I’m confused and mistaken. But what would cause anyone to rush the gates? Sprinting as fast as they can and pushing and shoving their way past others. Old or young, it doesn’t matter. They wanted that special spot.

You’ve seen this on Black Friday. A bunch of idiots thinking they are so much better than everyone else. All so powerful and thinking they can just push and shove anyone they want because why not, they’re better than everyone.

You know what I call these people? Other than idiots? Losers! And here’s to hoping they will be just that losers.