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Every so often the landscape of the professional wrestling world shifts to the left or to the right, small changes occur daily. But sometimes, just sometimes everything changes. This is what’s going on in the so-called number two wrestling organization in the business. As TNA is questioning if it will strive or die. So we ask will it?

You see in the past month TNA has altered not only those who perform in and out of the ring, but also top members of the office. Releasing wrestlers from the up and comers to those who have made it up North. From Tara to Matt Morgan to Crimson to D.O.C. (formerly Luke Gallows) to Joey Ryan the list continues to go on and on. As well as the surprising releases of Bruce Prichard and D’Lo Brown two men who were working on scripting and managing what we see on TV.

The question of why is not what needs to be asked. We already know that answer you don’t have to go to far and see how bad the ratings are going to understand that answer. Financial issues? Maybe so. As we’ve heard that TNA has been struggling with paying certain people on time. Being on the road and live costs money even if it’s once every two weeks. And with the ratings at and near steady nothingness it wasn’t quite a shock that releases came.

The only question is will all of these moves actually help TNA? From the many of people watching, writing and philosophizing say no. That this is just a sign of numerous things to fall. That this small laundry list of wrestlers will soon turn into the entire roster and the front office will disappear leaving TNA just another fallen wrestling organization. But then again people have been saying this about TNA for 12 years.

But I’m not going to mention what occurred in the past 12 years, because we all know the struggles and the rise that TNA has gone through. What we should question is why there are so many doubters out there. Why would anyone think a company that has top wrestling talents like Hulk Hogan, Sting and even Eric Bischoff would fail financially thus leading to them closing. Oh wait…

Joking aside we should look at some other companies that have struggled, one being Netflix. Yes, that on-demand Internet streaming media that’s giving national television companies a run for their money. You see in 2011 Netflix flipped around what they were doing. This caused their stock prices to crumble faster than the Hindenburg. As they made major changes to what they were doing cutting ties with several companies and charging more. This all sent shock waves into the business world as well as their clients.

Netflix at it’s best had a stock price at nearly 300, that’s dollars. Yet after making some changes their stock price crashed and that by the winter of 2011 they were only worth 75% of what they were previously worth. Doom and gloom were headed to their way. People everywhere thought it was over. That it was just a fad and conventional television had won. But it hadn’t. As of right now Netflix has a stock price right around 260. Yes, not nearly as huge as the 300 it once did. But it has millions of new clients, tons of new programming which they have created. And is obviously the best thing out there. All with being in the shadow of conventional television.

TNA may be making changes but as we see change is sometimes a good thing. With getting rid of some over priced talent and some bad vibes in the backstage it couldn’t hurt.  If people aren’t buying what you’re selling then it’s time to change it. Simple as that. With them bringing in John Gaburick as the new Vice President of Television is surely a sign that they want to better their product and gain more viewership.

Now maybe the Netflix business model won’t actually help TNA. But it will teach them one thing. Keep on trying.