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hachhatinLast night the San Francisco Giants and the Cincinnati Reds faced off in a pair of games – a classic double header. But there was anything classic about this game. And that’s why I’m hating on MLB’s decision to turn two.

I am all for a great baseball game, even better is if they’re two games occurring on the same day. Yet when the defending World Series Champions hosted the Reds for a 7 o’clock (Eastern) start time you wouldn’t think that in a few hours the Reds would become the home team in the 2nd game. But that’s exactly what happened.

Yes, it sounds cool. And it’s one of those rare things you really never seen. But let me explain why you should never see this again.

You see the Giants are not nearly as good as they were last year. They’re struggling, they’re currently 4th in the standings in the NL West and 6.5 games back from the surging Los Angeles Dodgers. And even farther back from the Wild Card.

While as the Reds are doing quite better. They currently have 11 more wins than the Giants. Yet being in a tougher division, they’re currently 3rd. But if the season was to end today they would easily be the 2nd Wild Card team.

Now here comes one of the problems.

For ever and a day baseball has been based on numbers, streaks and luck. Each one of them having a lot to do with each other. A streak could help get a team going or hurt a team terribly. Luck, everyone knows luck. You either have it or you don’t. But numbers. Now let me explain numbers in baseball. It has everything to do with everything.

Yes, we all know the legendary numbers that have been around 61, 714. Those numbers have since been broken. But many don’t understand home/away splits. These are stats that help show if a player or team is better at home or well, away from home. Obviously having an away team act as a home team clearly messes this all up.

And we all know adding a * is not fun.

Going into the night cap of the double header the Reds Home record was 32 wins and 17 loses. Which is pretty good. But obviously they’re away record couldn’t be that good with a 56 and 43 record.

After losing 5 to 3 they can add one more to their home loss record. Which might not mean anything to you, but it means the world if it comes down to numbers. Say come time to enter the playoffs they have the same exact win/loss record as another team. They will go down and see which team had a better home/loss record.

And say they lose that. Then they’re out of the playoffs.

Now this might be nothing to talk about for Bud Selig who can’t understand who’s doping and who’s not. But allowing this to occur is a tragedy.

Especially for the 28 year old Greg Reynolds who got called up to be the starting pitcher of the game. He went 10-2 with a 2.54 ERA in 18 starts for the Reds Triple-A affiliate. But was destroyed when he got called up getting a 9.00 ERA just because MLB couldn’t book the Reds to play the Giants in Cincinnati.
Which could mean the 28 year old’s one shot at the big leagues will have to wait or never come again.Not sure if this has happened before or even how many times. But this is amateur hour. I mean I know it’s happened before due to weather conditions and such. But this is just sad…

I mean I understand that in the NFL the New York Jets can handle being a home team or an away team in the same stadium. But then again they’re losers any ways.