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I remember the day like it was yesterday and sometimes I actually wish it was yesterday. The day was the first day I ever saw CM Punk. It was a small Ring Of Honor show there couldn’t have been more than 200 of us in this small Philadelphia gym. It’s actually the greatest wrestling event I’ve ever been to. But we’re not here to talk about that, we’re here to talk about CM Punk. And why I hate him!

Okay, I’ve joked around with it numerous times. People who have talked to me on Twitter know I have this joke or well, some of them think it’s true. That at this event I’m talking about is the time I started hating on CM Punk all because he didn’t shake/touch my hand. But it’s not the case. I was in the third row and wearing the wrong colors in the wrong part of town. A.K.A. I was a scared 19 year old.

Now I popped as they say in the wrestling world when CM Punk came out. We weren’t expecting him. I wasn’t expecting much. Especially by the size of the crowd. But here he came. He was in town with another wrestling organization or at least that’s how I remember it.

He came out and cut a promo saying how he’ll be making his in-ring debut soon. He was cut off by Colt Cabana.

Yes, even then they were pals.

Well, let’s skip the history lesson and fast forward to now. I have respected the man. He went from being a nobody and is now one of the top dogs in WWE. That one place that only a few men have dared and had the lucky chance to be. And he’s there.

Since his pipe bomb years ago to now his magic on the microphone has amazed me. I respect it. I doubt I could do it. Hell, when I’ve attempted to cut a promo in the mirror I make strong mistakes. I forget what I’m talking about. I make jokes about myself. I just do it all wrong. But he keeps going.

Now I hate him.

Why? How could I hate him? No I’m not turning into a mark or a smark, or whatever you will. I’m just tired of his antics. This feud between him and Paul Heyman just isn’t doing it for me. Yes, it’s got all the great ingredients but for some reason it seems fake.

They’re either trying way too hard or maybe I see them uniting soon down the road. Either way it’s just boring me to tears.

But then there’s still one other possibility. That Monday’s Raw sucked so much it just made this segment look so bad.

Yes, these two can both work the microphone like they own it. But it’s like they’re fighting with each other and not incorporating the rest of us. It’s like they’re forgetting the one ingredient that makes wrestling so cool. The fans.

But then again the fans in Texas sucked Monday night. Maybe they will be better for TNA when they head there in a couple of weeks. They just dragged, but so didn’t the card.

Either way. CM Punk has turned into CM Bore.

Or maybe I hate fan favorites….

Wait, is he one?