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Say hello to Ed Sprague. While he may look like Jose Canseco, he’s not him. You will quickly learn why. Because well, this former Toronto Blue Jay played 3rd Base.

Okay there’s a few other things that are different. Such as he has less than 300 career home runs than Canseco, a batting average 19 points below. Well, obviously Sprague wasn’t that well know and it’s quite obvious with his career stats being less than Canseco.51v+fTN1-RL

But he never had a video showing a baseball bouncing on his head and then over the fence leading to a home run. Not to mention the best thing. He was on the 1988 Olympic Baseball team that won the gold medal. Yes, a gold medal! Okay, maybe it didn’t technically or something because baseball was only a demonstration sport that year. Because you know baseball is rather a new sport. He still can claim being a Gold medalist.

Most importantly unlike Canseco, Sprague never admitted to doing steroids. Just performance-enhancing substances later banned by Major League Baseball and he even admitted to hitting a home run with a corked bat.

I guess that’s not too bad.