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A few weeks ago we heard a rumor of dozens if not more Major League Baseball players getting suspended due to their involvement with Biogenesis. About a week ago we got our first suspension that being Ryan Bruan.

While we’ve been waiting on the biggest name to drop and that being one Alex Rodriguez. A name that currently is bigger than the sport. Yes, a name can be bigger than the sport. Babe Ruth was, A-Rod currently is. It’s not a part of the story I’m touching on it’s just basic fact. It’s like Dwayne Johnson and wrestling. People know him that don’t mainly enjoy the sport.

A-Rod’s name is on this list, A-Rod’s name is on a lot of lists. And all rumors are that his name will soon be on a list similar to Pete Rose and Joe Jackson. That of MLB players on the banned list. A list filled with legends who have betrayed the law of the land.

While Rose and Jackson’s stories are well known. They’re both suspended due to betting on baseball games. Yet A-Rods is reportedly to be suspended due to steroids.


Alex Rodriguez
Out Of The Ballpark?

This of course is one of the biggest news ever! Due to the fact it’s not only has to do with the highest payed baseball player of all time, but if this suspension does occur it will be the first time since Marge Schott, while she was later reinstated.

So how am I hating all of this? Simple. These talks have been occurring for days and actually weeks. These supposed reports have been leaked and yes, while I enjoy, like probably you do as well, these rumors slipping through the cracks. I believe something this large shouldn’t have been leaked.

So what if they are being leaked for a reason?

The main reason that comes to mind that it’s a strategic move by Bud Selig’s office to see if the fans, media or well, if any one would care about this statistical Hall of Famer and a possible life time ban. The other being one of A-Rod’s representatives trying to do the same.

My feelings on the entire situation is well, drugs are bad.

But seriously though if what has been reported true it’s pretty shocking and outrageous of what A-Rod has done. With the whole recruiting and blocking. As in recruiting other players to join this illegal situation and blocking the MLB offices of finding out.

I do understand attempting to find something to over come a injury, I do not however for see going to the means that A-Rod has gone.

Either way these inevitable suspensions and this possible life time ban means one thing that when it occurs we will always remember where we were. Because this will be one of those incidents we will tell our kids, our grand kids and well, whoever else will listen.