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Standing at five feet and eight inches stands a man who before heading to the world of WWE, took the independent wrestling scene and set it on fire. Before become Evan Bourne we saw a man known as Matt Sydal who took on all opponents from the best of Ring of Honor, TNA, the very briefly Wrestling Society X, NWA Wild Side, Dragon Gate USA and many more of the independents smaller federations.

In front of thousands as Bourne he has excited the crowd, but before all that he did the same thing in front of hundreds if not less. Taking on the likes of some of the worlds best from AJ Styles, Kazarian, Austin Aries, Amazing Red, Spanky, and many many more.

Take a step back from what has become of Evan Bourne through internet rumors and the effects of that juggernaut known as The E and watch as he became the sensation he is today as we’ve collected a series of some of his best of matches that we have gathered through YouTube.

We start this No Money Wrestling series with a mix tag team match from the early days of TNA. Where Bourne than referenced as Matt Sydal tagged with Daizee Haze and took on The Gathering members of Julio Dinero and Alexis Laree. If Laree looks familiar she is, she’s former WWE Women’s Champion and former TNA Knockouts Champion, the one and only Mickie James.

Our next video is also from the early days of TNA in a four way dance match featuring some of the best high flyers and light heavyweights with Sydal taking on Amazing Red, Kazarian and Spanky, oh, you know Brian Kendrick.

We head to 2006 and into the confines of the Ring Of Honor as we see Sydal tag with AJ Styles and battle Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. A match that currently holds stars from WWE, TNA and Ring of Honor. A match we may never see again.

Time to check out Wrestling Society X, the short run MTV venture that well was very short run. We see Matt Sydal being lead to the ring by Lizzie Valentine as he battles Matt Classic. You know who Matt Classic is right? Well, if you were to unmask him you’d find the one and the only Colt Cabana.

We jump back to Ring Of Honor for another tag team match featuring future WWE superstars, this time it’s Sydal teaming with Claudio Castagnoli and battling the Briscoe Brothers. Oh, wait, you can’t recognize who Castagnoli is? It’s the Real American Antonio Cesaro. I should note this is indeed part 2 of this tag team bout, after an exhausted search for part one we just couldn’t find it. But it’s just too good to pass up.

In honor of showcasing how independent Sydal really is check out this match against the virtually unknown Jaysin Strife. Don’t think much of it? Think a lot as these guys go nearly 20 minutes!

And now for our last installment for Before Bourne Was Born we see him battle current TNA superstar the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a former X Division Champion and a former TNA Tag Team Champion in Chris Sabin! The video quality may not be the greatest but the match itself is just incredible!

Until next time if you’re going to get your wrestling make sure it’s NO MONEY WRESTLING!