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From Hachland Historical Society — A lost article from Matt Barnes. Originally Posted: November 21st, 2003.

mattWelcome to Matt Skills. Funny little pun eh? Get it? Mat Skills, a wrestling term… My name is Matt… Matt Skills? Yeah, corny, I know…

So if you read my Week In Review Column, you’d know how I feel basically about the business at this time. About a week ago on Hachland, I wrote some of the reasons why I hate wrestling. That is the article that spawned Hachland Wrestling. And some of those things that I said I hated, have actually improved over the past week. Believe it or not, they have.

For instance, one of my complaints last week were The McMahons. In the past few months, all 4 of the McMahons have been on TV. Linda, Vince, Shane, and Stephanie. In the past month, Linda and Stephanie left after Vince choked Stephanie out at No Mercy (Actually something I enjoyed a bit, despite how much I hate them). And then, at Survivor Series, Shane McMahon has officially been written off after losing his Ambulence Match against Kane.
Another instnace, my complaint about Triple H. The man who never seems to lose the big one, except for when he knows he won’t be around (i.e. losing the title to Goldberg since he knew he had other plans for the rest of the year.) There was a shit load of speculation that Triple H would win the match at Survivor Series with Goldberg leading up to the match. And I’ll admit, I hate Goldberg, so I was pushing for Trips to win, just because he wasn’t Goldberg. However, to my shock, Triple H in fact lost. Maybe it’s him letting Goldberg get some heat, maybe it’s luck, who knows. But Triple H put somebody over.

Speaking of Goldberg, anybody who saw Survivor Series can tell you this: When Goldberg actually won, the reaction was… NOTHING! Maybe the crowd was in shock, but I seriously doubt it. Everybody had their arms somewhat raised, but there was NO reaction. I know people will tag that up to being burnt out from Austin vs. Bischoff, but PLEASE! Goldberg is supposed to be your big face, and he gets NO reaction when he retains over Triple H? I can’t say anything else…

Bottom line is, the WWE is starting to get things right, and I’m LOVING their buildup for Wrestlemania XX in NYC. And if half the shit I THINK is going to happen does, it’ll be the best Pay Per View the WWE has put on in years. Brock vs. Goldberg? Kane vs. Taker? Orton vs. RVD? Benoit vs. Angle? I can’t think of 4 BETTER matches to have at the end of a card than those four. I hate Goldberg, but the draw for Brock vs. Goldberg would be amazing. Kane vs. Taker will be an Old-School, drag down war of two legends. Orton vs. RVD will be the signaling of the new school, should it happen. No more Triple H, no more Rock, no more Austin. The two biggest names on RAW, 1 on 1 for the Championship. And Angle vs. Benoit, or perhaps Cena vs. Angle vs. Benoit for the Championship. An amazing match several times in the past, it’ll only be better with Benoit as the champion, and at Wrestlemania, adding two new elements to this ongoing feud. I’m also thinking we could see the last ever Triple H vs. HBK matchup, the match to end them all between these two. They put on amazing matches last year, they could do it again this coming year. I think it is definately a possibility that the WWE is making significant strides, particularly towards catering to the fans. Survivor Series seemed like it could have been written by fans themselves. If this continues, the WWE could regain their spot. All they need to do is continue solving those base problems I discussed, and everything will be right again.

TNA is also doing their best to fix the problems by providing legit competition to the WWE, but there’s not much to say that I haven’t said already. I love their product and their roster, which has arguably the top two wrestlers in the world (AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels).

The only issue I’d like to bring up here is the whole Hulk Hogan situation. Seeing as how Bound by Glory was supposed to be a big deal, and was booked for Pay Per View based on Hogan saying he’d be involved, it’s somewhat fishy that Hogan would scheduled and participate in a surgery he knew he needed just a few short weeks before the big Pay Per View. Which has lead me to believe this…

Hogan is the biggest political player in the game. He’s been around for so fuckin long that he can play any angle. Hogan leverages people into doing what he wants, and I think this is another case. I don’t honestly believe that Hogan has any intent to work for NWA:TNA. He hates Jeff Jarrett for their past dealings, so no amount of money would satisfy him. I think it mainly had to do with Hogan saying he’d appear, but they had to fire Russo. Which they did. Vince Russo is gone, Hogan was to appear. However, once Russo was gone, Hogan cancelled the appearance and scheduled surgery. Was this a leverage move on Hogan’s part to get Russo fired? Or was it a leverage move to get the WWE to push for a Hogan return at Wrestlemania XX?

I’m sure it’s a little bit of both. Hogan knows the Jarretts are committed, and they’d put any past issues on ice to get the company the exposure it needs. Hogan’s name can do that. So despite the real life heat between Hogan and Jeff Jarrett, it was put aside to benefit the company. Knowing that, Hogan knows he could come in, demand Russo be fired, and get that as long as he’d appear. Now that Russo is gone, Hogan’s goal is accomplished, and there’s no way he wants to miss out on Wrestlemania XX, as it’s a perfect way to officially end his career. Bet on this: Hogan will appear at Wrestlemania XX. Whether or not he appears with TNA in between is anybody’s guess. Until I see evidence though, I’m putting my money on Hogan never making an appearance for TNA.

And that’s about it for Matt Skills this week. I could go on and on, but Hachland Wrestling is just starting, so basic opinion is good for now. There will be another Matt Skills in about 5-7 days. Until then kiddies, love ya…