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With the United States of America is on the brink of madness. With the new Affordable Care Act, the shut down in the Government and Bill O’Reily appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. President Barrack Obama has chosen to salvage the world. With calling a President decry and do something that has only occurred once a year since 1994.

Obama seeing that millions of Americans are worried about the impending changes to health care and the years of economic drought that have occurred due to George W. Bush not being re-elected as President. Has decided to help the average American by setting up a contest to allow one person to obtain a free ride. A free ride includes free health care for life and that person will also be able to skip up to 5 years of paying taxes. Yes, that’s right. This person gets free health care and can livehg tax free for 5 years!

You’re probably asking yourself what’s the catch. Well, there’s a slight catch. This one person, much like in the book by Suzanne Collins, people must fight to the death to survive and become crowned winner. Which is obviously the exact same story of The Hunger Games books.

One of the favorite books of Obama’s eldest daughter Malia Ann. “Malia just loved the movie, so why not bring it to her in real life”

Instead of using The Hunger Games name, it will be called the Presidents Cup. Also unlike the movie and the book, instead of 12 children competing it will have 24 random Americans of any age.

How random are these 24 people? And how did they get randomly chosen? They were all chosen due to the fact they all filled out the Taco Bell Survey which every customer of the restaurant gets a chance to participate in. Originally 32 people were actually entered into the Presidents Cup, but due to the rules of the contest they were disqualified due to former First Lady and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Who due to her friendship with the President was allowed to choose who could enter. This was all done by throwing the 32 peoples name into a hat and choosing 24 names at random.


After learning of this numerous Americans took to the streets to protest this decision. Not only because of the random name picking and them not being allowed to enter the contest. But some American people felt the contest itself was too drastic and uncalled for.

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Sadly and surprisingly due to all of these protests there were numerous arrests, injuries and even more sadly three people died due to rushing crowds stampeded over them. Plus a small internet rumor suggested that a cop riding a horse actually rode over a homeless man sleeping. But due to the body being found a block away from the main protest area the local Washington police are still investigating the cause of the 42 year old mans death.

As for the event known as the Presidents Cup, it will begin Thursday and all 24 men and women will participate. In a definite winner take all event will actually be televised. It will air on the Golf Network check your local listings.

We are currently working on finding out the names and all of the details of those involved in the Presidents Cup. But we have learned is that the winner will get his or her picture taken with Obama and will be able to kiss the Presidents Cup. Which is actually the cup that Obama drinks out of.