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While the United States Government is shut down over a law which will give universal health care to everyone in their country. A 19 year old boy who being from Canada, a country that already has universal health care showed off one of the perks of having other people pay or your health care.

You see, this boy who while taking a trip to China he decided it was a good idea to visit the Great Wall Of China. As most tourists would tour obviously, but this is where things got strange.

The boy was complaining of being tired and his feet were hurting. Maybe because of the fact that his shoes were untied and not providing correct support had put in for his health care benefits which includes two men to carry him up the great wall of China.

Tourists from countries that don’t have universal health care gasped in shock as they believed this 19 year old was just being a spoiled brat.

One tourists who happens to be from the United States of America complained while he yelled “Stop being a baby!”

When a representative for the 19 year old approached and explained why the guy was being carried around. The American tourists then exclaimed he will quit his job once he returns to the states so he too can be carried around and abuse the system.