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After years of over eating and abusing his body due to neglect and sitting on a couch all but 19 hours a day, Francis Bean has decided it’s time to lose some of the excess weight he’s put on, mainly due to not being able to wear his favorite Pokemon t-shirt featuring his favorite character Zubat.mqdefault

In losing the weight, Francis believes running would be the quickest way to lose the weight. Although his doctor has strongly suggested against it, due to the last time Francis remembers running, actual running and not just to the grocery store for more Little Debbie snacks or to GameStop for the new edition of Naughty Bear.

Francis has pleaded with friends as well as numerous people on message boards into knowing which running shoe would be best for him. And with having a few extra dollars due to not being a fan of the newest video game crave, Grand Theft Auto V, he is willing to drop some decent money on a shoe that will “help me run”.

He needs your help.

No, he’s not asking you to run for him. He’s asking for your advice out of 5 separate running shoes.

The first one is a Adidas Spring Blade.


The second one is the Reebox DMX Sky


The next is a Reebox ZigWig TR 2xlv51716rbgThe next is the Brooks Ravenna  xl1101311d876

And the yellow Pokemon slipper


Please help Francis in deciding which running shoe is best for him by commenting either A, B, C, D, or E. And also add your words of encouragement.