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With the overall reactions to the 2013 Bound For Glory mostly being positive from those who actually viewed the biggest TNA event of the year. But of course many of the reactions were that it was the worse thing since McDoanld’s cancelled the McRib. From one fan saying “that was a travesty”

We even saw a few pictures from inside the arena that showed the lack of attendance. Which from actually attending a TNA show I’ve noticed greatly, But this is the main picture, with the phrase “Bound For Bankruptcy”


Here are the results…. In case you didn’t watch…

Countdown to Bound for Glory
The Bro Mans (Jessie Godderz and Robbie E) (with Phil Heath) defeated Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez, Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) and Eric Young and Joseph Park Tag team gauntlet match for a TNA World Tag Team Championship match 22:14
1 Chris Sabin (with Velvet Sky) defeated Manik (c), Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe Ultimate X match for the TNA X Division Championship 11:58
2 The Bro Mans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz) (with Phil Heath) defeated James Storm and Gunner (c) Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship 11:41
3 Gail Kim defeated ODB (c) and Brooke Three-way match for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship 10:19
4 Bobby Roode defeated Kurt Angle Singles match 20:58
5 Ethan Carter III defeated Norv Fernum Singles match 03:26
6 Magnus defeated Sting by submission Singles match 11:05
7 A.J. Styles defeated Bully Ray (c) (with Brooke) No Disqualification match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship 20:28

Leading to many, many questions being answered yet, with that we have a all new set of questions such as….

Where Does Sting Go From Here?


In one of the worst matches of the night, the Sting putting Magnus on the map match was more of a showcase of Sting’s age than anything else. It was sad. His legs are gone and his back is just as bad. In a match that should have show cased how talented Magnus was didn’t do that one bit. It did however do the other part of that and that was showcase Magnus’s heel turn. But it was over shadowed greatly by the miserable in-ring work we saw from Sting. We have learned one thing and that’s the Scorpion Death Lock should be taken out of Sting’s move set. It didn’t work and the fact he didn’t actually put the move on and set it in was just wrong.

But where do we go from this? Should TNA mention how sloppy the match was? Yes. Will they? Probably not.

One of two things will occur. The thing that will ultimately happen is Sting will confront Magnus on what occurred after the match, which was Magnus’s complete lack of respect to the one and only TNA Hall Of Famer. We will either see a rematch down the road, which probably we will see. With Magnus and his heelish ways over coming a little more. Which will be good…. as long as they don’t turn him into a Ryback heel, which is more of a O’Doyle (from Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore movie).

What should happen is… A.K.A. The second one… Is that Sting comes out and starts talking about the match and how Magnus disrespected him. And how he was trying to show Magus the ropes much like Ric Flair did. And then all of a sudden Jeff Hardy comes out.


Hardy states how that a few years ago Sting defeated Hardy in one of Hardy’s worst matches ever. And last Sunday was one of Sting’s worst matches ever. It was a pure showcase of Sting’s age or maybe he’s in desperate need of a drug test. Blah blah blah this turns into a match. Which could lead to a retirement match.

But then again we won’t see a Hardy vs. Sting match for respect. But we’ll see another Magnus vs Sting match.

What’s the deal with Kurt Angle?


Denying the Hall Of Fame spot. And losing to Bobby Roode. As well as what occurred after the match and well, during actually. Was he hurt or wasn’t he? After coming off the top rope, Angle didn’t move for at leas 5 minutes. And when they came out with the stretcher he fought them off and then limped to the back. Did he hurt his neck again?

Is this leading to Angle return to the World Title scene or is this going to be a serious health issue?

Hopefully it’s leading to the World Title scene.

What do I hope that happens?

Dixie Carter.

Yes. I hope Dixie Carter comes out and bashes Angle and suspends him until he passes a series of health tests. This would help the fans get on Angles side and also build to the bully boss role that Dixie Land is all about.

Is The Aces & Eights Dead?


With Bully Ray losing the World Championship to AJ Styles does this spell doom to the once powerful faction known as Aces & Eights?


Or maybe no.

You see earlier at Bound For Glory, a backstage video showed that Bully Ray was talking to a someone or maybe even a group of people. Saying that they fooled everyone. Almost making it sound like the Aces & Eights were gaining new members or even former members were returning.

But they didn’t. Nobody came out to aid Bully Ray, well, outside of the two current guys left. Garrett Bischoff and Knux.

So what happened to the others? Was it the retuning Mr. Anderson that blocked these guys? Are we seeing the split of the Aces & Eights?

Or was Bully Ray just talking to Dixie Carter? After all, she did come out and attempt to aid Bully Ray in retaining the World Title.

And… Or.. But.. What If even this happened… Dixie Carter will soon turn on Bully Ray… Especially considering that all of the members of Aces & Eights have disappeared and been legitimately released from TNA, Dixie could admit that she was attempting to break the evil group up.

That’s if we want to see Dixie as a good “girl”.

What About AJ?


As we’ve heard through Twitter, Facebook and the Impact Wrestling website itself that at tonight’s Impact Live we will see AJ Styles defend his World Title against the former champion Bully Ray. So leading to the world to speculate that AJ Styles reign as World Champion will be short. Because as we’ve seen previously Bully Ray doesn’t last long without the title.


What if what I previously stated about Dixie Carter is true. Then we will see AJ Styles side with Dixie and making Bully Ray a face again…. But how can the biggest heel in the BUS-I-NESS be a good guy?

We won’t see that.

But what we will see is AJ Styles pitting the world against AJ Styles. Telling him that he’s not signed and that he shall hand over the World Title right now or else. Bully Ray will be a special guest referee to help him retain the World Title…. But he won’t.

And with Styles retaining the title and him being “without a contract” he will leave the world of TNA. Thus taking the World Title out of the picture. Much like Ric Flair did back in the day when Jim Herd ruled WCW. And much when Madusa left WWE and brought the Women’s Title to WCW.

With all that the world of IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) will state how dumb TNA and Dixie Carter is that they let AJ Styles leave with their title.

To aid all of this TNA needs to have secret videos and tweets and what have you of Styles going to other wrestling organizations. Or even the other company.

Another thing that could happen is the inevitable return of Jeff Jarrett.. But then again…

Is it A BroMans world?


The tag team of Jessie Godderz and Robbie T has done something that much of the world thought wouldn’t happen. But well, I thought it would happen. (Hach’s Bound For Glory Predictions) And they won the tag team tournament and the tag team titles.


Will they continue to hold the titles? Or will one of the numerous tag teams beat them down and take the titles? Will we see one of the tag teams involved break up? Will we see James Storm and Gunner break up? How about Hernandez and Chavo Gurrero? We sure no that Bad Influence won’t break up… And we still don’t know whats going on in Eric Young’s head…

Now that the BroMans have conquered the world with help from Mr. Universe Phil Heath. While he didn’t attack anyone he did help cheer them on. And maybe that was the spark they needed. But will he continue to show up with them? Probably not. But what should we see with this group… Should it be a comical tag team like when Lenny Lane and Lodi tagged together to form the West Hollywood Blondes? Or will they become one of this legitimate tag  teams to hold the titles for a lengthy time and take on all comers? Probably somewhere in the middle.

I would like to see them have another celebration and continue to celebrate every week. Until well, they’re forced to defend the titles.

Do we get Abyss or Joseph Park or is this just a crazy dream inside Eric Young’s head?


We saw the team of Eric Young and Joseph Park go crazy with a series of videos watching them make their journey to the site of the Bound For Glory pay-per-view but we also saw the return of Abyss. Is Abyss really Joseph Park or is he just a brother? How will this reveal itself? Will we learn that Joseph Park is the every day version of Abyss? Or whatever.. Like his magical power is the mask…. Wait, don’t we have that with Manik?

Okay maybe we do.

But maybe this is just some crazy dream of Eric Young….

Does EGO ever get a title shot?


We saw all three members of EGO on Bound For Glory.. While Bad Influence got killed off by the returning Abyss. We did see Bobby Roode take Kurt Angle to the 20 minute mark and eventually defeat him. Will we see Roode being thrown into the World Title scene? Or do we get to see another epic match between Angle? Maybe a Iron Man match? Or at least some sort of match.

And what happens to Bad Influence after their death from Abyss? Do we get to see them feud with them? Or what?

The Ultimate X Question


With Chris Sabin virtually stealing the X Division Title in the Ultimate X match where does this lead Samoa Joe, Manik, Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries? Yes, I spoke about what could happen with Jeff Hardy. We really didn’t get to see what could happen with this match. We all know this match with all 5 men could have gone at least an hour. But we were robbed of it.

Will we see some sort of rematch? We better with Manik versus Chris Sabin. Because all former champions get one more shot. But what if we get a series of matches.. Like some sort of tournament and in the end the winner gets the X Division championship?

Then again maybe Sabin has jumped on the Dixie Train.

Whats next from Aunt Dixie’s favorite nephew?


The world is his oyster. Because the world needs the Carters.

But remember the TNA Television Title slash TNA Legends Title? Yes. That title that disappeared a while ago.

What if Dixie hands it to her favorite nephew as a gift for winning his first TNA match?

Wouldn’t that just be nice.

Will everything I say come true?

Of course not. But that’s why we speculate and watch!

And it can just get better without Hulk Hogan…