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Around 1991, WCW, everyone’s favorite punching bag decided to make some changes at the top. In doing so they hired a guy named Jim Herd, whose previous work was with Pizza Hut. Yes, a pizza company man turned into the top man at the number two wrestling company.

Well, with doing so and attempting to change the world, he decided then WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair was about near the end of his career. And he gave the master of the Figure Four two choices either move out of the way or shave his head.

Well, Flair didn’t like the idea of shaving his head nor did he want to be called Spartacus. So he took his World Heavyweight Championship and left. He went north to the then WWF. With the belt and all.

Flair did a bunch of TV tapings and several other appearances until ending up leaving Vince McMahon’s company and heading back to WCW. After Herd was removed of his position of course.

Now 22 years later it’s occurring all over again. As in TNA their main person in charge the legendary Dixie Carter has decided to give AJ Styles a ultimatum and well… Styles didn’t budge.

Thus we have possibly seen the exact same thing occurring as AJ Styles the current World Champion of TNA has left their company.

But is it a copy of this legendary kayfabe experience or is it the carbon copy of when CM Punk left WWE in 2011? When on the last night of CM Punk’s contractual agreement he won the WWE World Championship against John Cena.

While Styles hasn’t been under “contract” for a few weeks now. It is somewhat similar.

So is it a copy of Ric Flair leaving WCW or CM Punk leaving WWE?