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You may remember the mid 1990s when the wrestling world was set a blaze. The ratings were some of the highest ever and this can be attributed to the infamous Monday Night Wars. When rival wrestling organizations went head to head and brought out the best in story telling and in-ring action.

You had WWF (which is now refereed to as WWE) and WCW, which over time you’ll learn has been purchased by the aforementioned WWE.

To aid in the epic story telling on commentary WWF had Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. While over on WCW they had a mixture of numerous voices from the lead play by play man Tony Schiavone, former WWF guy Bobby “The Brain” Hennen, the “Living Legend” Larry Zybsko as well as Mean Gene Okerlund was handed the interview job. We also saw former wrestler Dusty Rhodes call the WCW Saturday Night show which aired on TBS, the super station at 6:05 eastern and 5:05 central.

Many don’t remember the earlier days of WCW previously to the nWo infiltration in which we saw current TNA wrestler and one half of the Bad Influence Christopher Daniels sitting side by side with Tony Schiavone.

This is where Daniels learned the in’s and out’s of not only calling a wrestling match and announcing that this particular night is the greatest night in wrestling history. But he also learned how to craft the perfect Appletini.