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At the end of this past TNA Impact, we saw AJ Styles get inside  a convertible that Dixie Carter had purchased to give him. It was a gift if she was giving him if he had agreed to resign with TNA.

But at the end of Impact, Styles refused to resign with Dixie’s TNA and decided to take the TNA World Heavyweight Championship he had previously received for defeating Bully Ray at Bound For Glory.

Now fast forward  a few seconds in which Styles who is a “truck guy” decided to take the convertible any ways and took off out of the arena. But as Styles was pulling off you could notice the license plate has what seems to be a date “110913.”

Thus leading to the question whats happening on the 9th of November?

Seeing it’s a Saturday, a day in which TNA doesn’t usually run shows on Saturdays. And with the internet a buzz that maybe Styles will defend the TNA title outside of TNA… We wonder where..

According to my slight and brief research there is two big independent shows occurring then..

Wrestle-1, which is lead by legendary Japanese wrestler The Great Muta. A organization that has agreed in principle with Jeff Jarrett, who is still a part owner of TNA.

Then we have House Of Hardcore, which is run by Tommy Dreamer. A man who we have seen on TNA programming numerous times. The most recent of which was when he attended Bully Ray’s wedding.

So are these two events one of which AJ Styles will be attending? Is there another wrestling show or event in which AJ Styles will be appearing at? Or does the license plate mean something completely different?

What do you think of AJ Styles taking the TNA Championship out of TNA? Do you think they are ripping off the 2011 story in which CM Punk took the WWE Championship away? Or is it similar to in 1991 when Jim Herd let go of Ric Flair and Flair took the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to WWE?