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On June 27th, 2013 former WWE executive  John Gaburick was named the Executive Vice President of Television Production for TNA Entertainment. At the time of the signing we weren’t sure what it would mean. Was it just another body to mess with the on screen product? Or was he the savior of a failing organization?

Since his hire TNA has released a who’s who of wrestling legends and up and comers. From Hulk Hogan to Christian York to Crimson to Devon (Dudley) to D’Lo Brown to D.O.C. (Drew Hankinson) to Madison Rayne to Joey Ryan to Matt Morgan to Taeler Hendrix to Tara (Lisa Marie Varon) to Jesse Sorensen to Bruce Prichard to a few more we have forgotten.

But was Big John behind any of those firings/releases? We’re not too sure. As previous to his hiring TNA was cutting ties with several big names such as Rob Van Dam who is now with WWE.

Yet, since his hiring TNA has seen the changing of a tide. We’ve gone on the road with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s ideas. That according to rumors cost $160,000 a show. With only getting a couple thousand to show up and pay for a seat is not a very good return. Especially seeing how cheap the seats are. With that said we have just read that according to some reports TNA’s Bound For Glory got more paid attendees than the recent WWE show in the area. Now that’s a good thing.

With all of that being said, we have also recently heard that TNA has decided to pay Bischoff to sit home. Maybe it’s a sign of Big John actually getting more of the power. Which is pretty relevant with the above picture which I screen captured from last weeks Impact. I also got that AJ Styles license plate picture (Is AJ Styles leaving TNA?)

As we’ve heard the on the road tour of TNA is close to ending. As we have heard they are returning to the Universal Studios lot. While they’re returning to the same building they once housed for years. They are staying put and it seems to be no more road shows.

Which is obviously sad. At least I can admit to being able to attend one of them. I got to see the end of Devon’s career when TNA raided Norfolk, Virginia for Hardcore Justice.

Now back to Big John. Is he the future TNA is looking for? Or will the rumors of TNA being for sale hinder the progress that TNA has seemed to have in the past few weeks?