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After watching Raw earlier and seeing The Big Show choke slam Randy Orton through the announcers booth.


I came up with a list of some of the 10 best Choke Slams Ever!

But sadly there is an asterisk in my article before it even stars. Not only is there more than 10, these aren’t the best ones. They’re the best YouTube has to offer.

There is plenty of more viable choke slams in the history of wrestling than I will showcase in this list, but sadly due to WWE owning everything and not letting us the fans see it, I just can’t.

But before letting you get through this list much farther, I’ll let you know one of the greatest choke slams I can remember is way back in the WCW Nitro days before the New World Order took over… when The Giant choke slammed Lex Luger. It was purely epic for the little 15 year old boy I was. You see Luger was hiding from the Giant week in and week out. And then suddenly the Giant got his hands on Luger and choke slammed him. But no, it wasn’t just in the middle of the ring. It was through a table. You see back in the days before nWo, Ric Flair had a chair near the ring where he would watch the matches and drink wine and what have you. It was pretty swell.

There are other choke slams of epic importance but like I said I could not find the video. Choke slams from people like 911, Big Dick Dudley and even The Wall. Remember when The Wall, the late Jerry Tuite, choke slammed Crowbar (Devon Storm) off the Nitro Tron!?

With all of that sad… enjoy this collection…

1. Brian Lee choke slams Tommy Dreamer through 4 tables

2. Undertaker choke slams Mankind through Hell In The Cell Cage

3. Big Show Choke slams The Undertaker Through The Ring

4. Kane Choke slams Undertaker Through The Ring

5. Triple Choke slam From Kane Big Show and Santino to Ezekiel Jackson

6. The Giant Choke slams Hulk Hogan

7. Vader Choke slams Hulk Hogan

8. Big Show choke slams Raven

9. Kane choke slams the Three Stooges

10. The Undertaker choke slams Rikishi off the cage

11. Big Show Goes Choke Slam crazy

12. The Giant (Big Show) choke slams Eric Bischoff

13. Kane choke slams Eric Bischoff

14. Malice (The Wall/Jerry Tuite) choke slams Jay Briscoe

15. The ULTIMATE Giant Chokeslam Collection (WCW)