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Happy Daniels is at it again!

You may remember his in ring fun with legendary Ric Flair. When Flair came out and beat up his own sports coat and then taught The Daniels how to apply a figure four.

Granted Flair was obviously drunk when teaching him.

But this time The Daniels is teaching Ric Flair a thing or two and that’s how to act!

Yep, that’s right, The Daniels is in a movie.

Wait. What!?

Yep. The Daniels will be starring in a straight to ABC Family movie called Christmas Bounty.

It’s all part of ABC Family’s 2,500 days of Christmas.

The movie is produced by WWE Studios because that’s just awesome!

So take a look at The Daniels in his new movie.

Maybe if you are lucky you’ll get to see it.