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Over the past weekend the wrestling world had a sudden urge to make fun of itself. But this was all possible by a small wrestling organization located in Ohio. The Classic Championship Wrestling of Marion, Ohio. Held an event dubbed WrestleBowl.


Such an event!

I really want to see the bleach blonde guy who caries around the box of Twinkies… Or as this poster suggests they’re actually called seikniwT.

The only character I’d actually be interested in seeing out of these isn’t the ever famous Nikolai Volkoff, or the clown, or even the guy with the sweet facial hair that resembles Ox Baxtor. But the Raiden from Mortal Kombat rip off.

That is until I saw this….

I really can’t take a wrestler seriously or even any one who wears duck tape for a belt.

But then again the funny part of that video isn’t the showcase of low budget but rather the fact the owner of the organization says they won’t give this guy a contract yet will put his face on their poster. How odd is that?

So why is the entire wrestling world talking about this event? Well, it’s because of this…

We did not have a ring due to circumstances beyond our control, but the best fans in the world still showed up still cheered…and the best wrestling staff in the world had a good time…Bobby Fulton & Nikolai Volkoff got on the mats and wrestled…Nikolai said thats the way it used to be all class acts and we will be back soon…thank you to all the wrestlers….over 100 people in attendance
Well, at least the had over a 100 people in attendance. That is a pretty significant of amount of broken dreams.
Maybe it’s not as bad as we all thought, as I found out one of the wrestlers who participates for this now legendary organization Joshua Lee Blanchard had some stuff to say.
And we should all listen to him, as he’s the guy I previously mentioned with the Twinkies or the reversed image of Twinkies.

Good morning,
This morning I am reflecting on last nights event i was apart of in Marion, Ohio for Classic Championship Wrestling. I arrived at the venue around 6pm and as I went in well things werent looking too well. The ring crew got pulled over due to a too heavy load with a ring that was on their way to the venue but were told that they had to turn around in which it made it to where they couldnt bring the ring in. The promoters were on the phones trying there best with others to get a ring to the venue but it wasnt looking too bright. I noticed that everyone became discouraged due to this incident and some wanted to leave. As the fans were coming, they were all told that abt the issue and it didnt seem to bother them one bit because they wanted to see a wrestling show and it motivated the promoters to get the wrestling mats out and put on a show. The boys in the locker room were all still worried due to having no ring. Bobby Fulton took charge and had a meeting in the locker room informing us that the show must go on and that we were here to give fans what they want to see. Bobby then assigned us all to duties to where the locker rooms discouragement lifted up to where everyone became encouraged and did their part to where we all worked together to make this event happen. The end result was the event was an hour and a half and the fans were louder then most shows ive been on in the past. The workers stepped up got out of their fear mindsets and put on one of the most memorable and loudest shows i ever been on. The fans were into it like u wouldnt believe and every fan left with a smile on their face and a wrestling show that they will never forget. This night respect was earned from everyone and we were praised by a true legend Bobby Fulton. The impossable to us became possable and the true story of it all is through prayer GOD was at work last night. This night takes me to the Bible to where Joshua led the Israelites into the promise land. There was doubt, discouragement and hoplessness but the faith of Joshua and the Israelites and the will to serve the LORD led them to bring down the walls of Jericho and become victorious. Sometimes in life things happen beyond our control and FAITH alone can move mountains and last night mountains were moved and GOD broke the walls down and the end result was these guys in the locker room were filled with joy thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ and true warriors were made. I will never forget this night and I will never forget the Power of our GOD! For those that werent there and are speaking negetive abt this event well all I can say is I wish u were all there to see the powerful movement of GOD and the wonders he did. He was in us all and everyone became winners on this unforgetable evening! Thank You Lord above all in Jesus name I give u praise and Am so Thankful!

I mean honestly it seemed like a nice thing to do. Especially if there were youngsters in the crowd, because you wouldn’t want some 5 year old kids crying. But then again, showcasing a wrestling match without a wrestling ring and actually charging people 8 dollars is kind of terrible.

And yes, the other idea of just autographs is a bad idea. Because who would want any autographs from these bums?

So how do they rebound? Well, just recently the organization on their Facebook page posted this…

Just to put this to bed on our end….because we wont be responding to anymore negative comments…… too time consuming, and in general its just with people who want to pick a fight. Yes the ring did not show up…yes we called other promotions who denied letting us use their ring just out of spite….and another’s excuse was having to be up for work early in the morning. Furthermore the promoters idea was to cancel the show and just do autographs….there was a speech given by Bobby Fulton that rallied the troops and made them want to wrestle…they asked if they could and i let them….the result happy faces….people still buying tickets…..and everyone who worked the show willing to come back December 21st which we will……with a ring then you have to find something else to complain about. And just remember the Bret Hart screw job was the WORST publicity any wrestling company ever got…BUT it was also the turning point to put the WWE on their highest high in company history….thank you for the attention keep on doing what you feel you need to do….and see you the 21st.

Sadly this leader is completely wrong, the Bret Hart screw job was not the worst publicity any wrestling company has even gotten. The worst publicity any wrestling company has ever gotten was decades ago around the time in which the results of wrestling would be published in the newspapers and the results were actually printed previously to their matches.

Now that was the worst. Well, actually this is the worst.

And maybe they shouldn’t have asked Sin Cara to drive the truck which held the wrestling ring..


Maybe you shouldn’t have listened to Bobby Fulton. What has he ever done? Except lose by count out in a wrestling match that featured no ring?

I mean honestly look how much integrity he has…

He’s got such a bright future he needs a rack of sunglasses behind him.

Here is another YouTube video of their owner, president or C.E.O promoting the event…

His office shows how important he is… his glasses shows his wisdom and everything else is just icing on the cakes he’s been eating.

Oh and finally the video everyone has been waiting for!!

Thanks to Rich Jones who is such a big name in the business had to put his name all over it!


Yes, that’s the ever famous Rich Jones. He’s so famous he even has a welcome video to his YouTube page and add in he’s so pretentious he had to make it black and white.

When asked why this is what he said…

We agreed I’d put my name on it since I obviously filmed it, so no one else could download it, and claim rights to it only to knock it. Also notice how they had fans cheering and not one curse word. How many indy wrestling shows today can you say you’ve been to where they don’t do that?? I can’t remember the last time.

Funny thing is… I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a wrestling match without a wrestling ring. It’s a very unique thing..


Now there’s just too many to name here… But I think this whole thing just wins. Wins our ultimate prize of Herb Of The Forever!

Congrats to the following…


Sorry the “Forever” part got lost.

twinkie richjones bobbyeaton badowner

Hmm.. that owner guy actually looks like the Revolting Blob from the Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison.

After all this was fun for “Striving to bring fans the best entertainment, at the most affordable prices, for the whole family from your three year old son to your 100 year old Grandmother “