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We’re probably late on the “EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD TALKS ABOUT THE TORONTO MAYOR ROB FORD” Band wagon but…It’s never too late.

Even with the meeting being held today to attempt to remove mayor Rob Ford of his powers, no not his super powers he obtains from the magical crack pipe he smokes.


But his powers as mayor of Toronto. And well something has insane happened as on CBC News an anchor screamed out  “Oh my God, he’s attacked somebody!”

Here is a GIF of it.


While the reports are that lady is Councillor Pam McConnell.

We weren’t exactly sure what caused Ford to run her over or what he was attempting to do. Maybe there was a cheeseburger or crack.

But there are reports that he thought she was Lady Elaine Fairchilde from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Of course if that’s the case we completely agree with Ford’s attack of her. Hell, she was scary!