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Given what we all know from what we’ve learned on the internet. The future of TNA is very bleak. Although for the past 12 years or so it has been living on it’s last leg. But we still have the future, so let’s all shine up that magic future ball thingy and see what we have to look forward to. After all, we’re talking about the number two company in wrestling and we’re talking about their future. So obviously anything can happen. And to most of the internet trolls the worst possible happening will occur.

Now before I continue too much, let’s make aware that I’m using next weeks pre-taped TNA Impact results as part of my future cast. So obviously that crystal ball will work well.


Now we catch up with TNA after they have landed across the big pond and have entered their second night in the United Kingdom. This time they’re in the “hometown” of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. And sorry fans, but before you get your hopes up, Piper is not involved in this. As much as I would love to include him, his relationship with TNA is not needed for their future.

What is needed for their future is this “road” trip. With their current champion Magnus being a huge heel in the states due to his involvement in Dixie Carter’s I Rule The Roost Heel Stable, it may see a change on this trip. Yes, he has defeated Jeff Hardy and Sting. Both seemingly ending their TNA careers. Or have they actually been ended? Or is this just a lame excuse for them to take some time off and not be involved in this trip? That has yet to be seen.

But then again, we have Oz’s crystal ball and we can see into the future. And this Oz’s future doesn’t pull a quad, this one disappears on a balloon. So obviously the one who just disappears is the one we respect more. Yes, that is a jab at Kevin Nash. Hope I didn’t hurt his quad.

Okay, so I’ve gone on a rant here. So what about this future of TNA. What’s going down? Let’s run down what will happen at the Glasgow, Scotland tapings.

We will have the members of Dixie Carter’s Dixie Land or whatever we’re calling them open the show. Magnus, for a heel, will get a huge reaction, but more boo’s then he should. They’ll brag about how Sting’s career is now over and that they have knocked down and out so many stars. How Jeff Hardy is gone, Sting is gone and how everything is going good.